Ladies in Waiting is a Christian e-mail magazine that encourages girls of all ages to walk in the ways of the Lord, and be ‘glad to be girls who glorify God’ even in a hostile and feminist culture.
What are We Waiting For?

Recently, while looking at a Christian bookstore catalog, I noticed that a book had been written called “Ladies in Waiting”.  While I have not actually read the book, it seems to be primarily about waiting for a husband.  This is not the focus of “Ladies in Waiting” magazine.  To avoid any confusion, I am laying out the definition, purposes, and goals of the name, “Ladies in Waiting” as applied to this magazine.

Being ladies in waiting simply means we are not officially women yet.  But are we idly waiting?  Never!  We are not sitting around waiting for our lives to begin—even in our thoughts and attitudes.  We are already following the Lord’s direction, cultivating a close relationship with Him, serving our families and others, and learning from our parents and other wise people God has placed in our lives.  We are living—and we are living NOW!

As the cover of the magazine says, LIW strives to encourage Christian sisters to be “glad to be girls who glorify God.”  This is the driving purpose behind LIW. We strive to teach sound doctrine (Titus 2) as a solid foundation for life applications that will glorify the Lord.  We also hope to show that you are not alone—there are many other girls around the country who are similarly striving to please the Lord.  We want to proclaim that a girl in her father’s home can do great things for God right now, right where He’s placed her!  We are waiting to be ladies, but we are not waiting to serve God!


Important Note:
Please do not contact us at liwmag@yahoo.com.  We do not respond to e-mails at that address.