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Spring 2018
"A bit more moss should do it"
"Feathers, my favourite!"
eggs and feathers
"...and good for hinding my treasures when I'm out"
7 eggs
 "7, that's enough. 
I'll start incubating them now"
bird incubating
 Sitting pretty
shell in beak
 "I'll get rid of this before
Junior hurts himself"
"Mum, my brother is arriving"

2 birds
 "Thanks Dad"
3 beaks
"All together now....
....where's dinner?"

Update 19th May
The first chick hatched at 6pm on Thursday 17th May, followed a few minutes later by the second one.  Mum removed part of the eggshell from the nest and ate the other part, presumably to boost her calcium levels. On Friday morning there were just 3 eggs left, so 4 had hatched but unfortunately one of the chicks did not make it through the first few hours and its body was taken out of the nest. Today (Saturday) two eggs remain and a fourth chick is in the nest but is small and weaker than the others.  Dad is helping bring in caterpillars but gives them to Mum who feeds the chicks.


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