Neighbourhood Watch

Ladbroke was one of the first Warwickshire villages to establish a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (NWS). Jim Laidler (  is our NWS Coordinator and he can be contacted about NWS membership and related matters on 813458 and by email. Derek Haden ( is our Deputy Coordinator and he can be contacted on 814920.

Those with access to computers can find out more about Neighbourhood Watch at where the police have collected a considerable amount of helpful information on good practice in crime prevention. Those without access to computers can find Neighbourhood Watch information at Southam library. For Warwickshire Police news and information please visit

If you need to call the police ring 999 for emergencies and 101 or 01926 415000 for non - emergencies.

Email Alerts
are sent by the police and these are forwarded to residents along with Warwickshire Trading Standards' briefings on county wide scams and current practices to watch out for.

There have been several notable successes in helping Police to apprehend criminals and NWS coordinator is in regular contact with Southam Police. However, no Neighbourhood Watch can be successful without everyone playing their part – be vigilant, be suspicious of anything out of the ordinary pattern of life as you see it. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone to call the police or advise Jim if circumstances dictate. Sometimes what might seem trivial is the piece of a jigsaw that they have been looking for.

SmartWater is available from Southam Police. Smartwater is an invisible marking solution that can be used to mark valuable property and can only be seen under ultraviolet light. The great bonus is that every tube of SmartWater is unique to the address that has bought it – just like a DNA for your valuables that a criminal can’t see and the police can identify the owner when goods are seized.

Each quarter, Southam / Feldon Community Forum meetings are held and each meeting is preceded by a Local Policing Update meeting which discusses Neighbourhood Watch matters, determines police priorities and action required / taken. The Community Forum and Policing Update meetings are open to the general public and present a useful opportunity to raise matters of concern with councillors, police and local authority representatives. More information is available at