All Saints Church

To find out more please go to our website at  but if all you want is a brief summary read on.....

All Saints is an church that is open and welcoming to all.

Rev Craig Groocock is the priest in charge of both Harbury and Ladbroke supported by assistant minister Rev Ann Mulley.

Holy Communion is celebrated in All Saints Ladbroke every Sunday (except Remembrance Sunday). The service takes place at 9am Sunday morning except on the first Sunday of each month when we hold a Family Service at 10.30am. Children are welcome at all our services and especially at the Family Service which is shorter, more informal and followed by coffee and biscuits. The organ is played and hymns sung at all services with the exception of when there is a 5th Sunday in the month, then a 'said service' is celebrated and Kate our organist has a rest!

Major mid week festivals are celebrated and there are additional services at Christmas and Easter. Details of these services are given on the notice in the lych gate and in the Harbury and Ladbroke News.

We also have a home group which meets on a Monday evening every fortnight.

Baptisms -
Christenings usually take place as a part of regular family Sunday Services

Confirmation - Courses are available in conjunction with Harbury for those wishing to to prepare for confirmation. Confirmations are presided over by the Bishop of Coventry. 

Marriage - Those with a connection to the village are welcome and encouraged to be married in church. 

Funerals - The churchyard is open for the burial or remembrance of Ladbroke parishioners.

To discuss arrangements for the above please contact Rev. Craig on 612377 email: or Mrs Rosemary Eld 613340 email . Further details relating to Baptisms, Confirmation and Marriage can be found on our website,

Church members are active providing support where needed for people within the community, if you require assistance or know of others that need support, please get in touch with Rev. Craig, or Peter R or Susan M, the Churchwardens.

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