Core Value: Compassion

posted Feb 18, 2014, 8:47 PM by CubScout LacViet   [ updated Mar 23, 2014, 6:18 PM ]

Compassion and friends.

What does compassion mean? It means when we stop thinking about others and the way things are in others lives or fail to understand, we all become people who just ask, “What is in it for me?”That’s pretty small word… of just one..  “Me”. Yes? Friends come in all shapes and sizes.  Some tall, some short, some with not so good eyesight, some who take longer to understand things, some with special chairs that help them around but they are still all people just like you and me. They have feelings, want friends. It is said that in a lifetime you are pretty lucky to have 1 really really good friend.  Ask around. They will tell you that the majority of people will tell you they have or had one really good friend. Maybe two if they were fortunate. I'm talking about a friend who is there for you in any circumstance, give anything to help you (even his last dime), or doesn’t run when you are in trouble. That’s pretty awesome if you have a friend like that. Why would you avoid anyone just because they might be a little different when in actuality that might be the one really really good friend? Don’t miss out on discovering or finding a really good friend just because others may see them as different. See other people as an opportunity to finally find one really good friend… or maybe even more!

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