CubScout Pack 999 honorably bears its name after the Vietnamese Emperor Dinh Bo Linh.

Dinh Bo Linh, reign title Dinh Tien Hoang (born , Hoa Lu, northern Vietnam—died 979, northern Vietnam), emperor and founder of the second Vietnamese dynasty, who, after a decade of anarchy, reunified his country, winning official recognition of Vietnam as a state independent from China.

According to Vietnamese annals, Dinh Bo Linh, of peasant ancestry, was the adopted son of a feudal lord, the prefect of Hoa Lu. He was one of 12 chieftains among whom was divided Nam Viet, which consisted of northern Vietnam and three central Vietnamese provinces. Dinh Bo Linh defeated each of the other 11 lords and by 968 had gained control of all Nam Viet. Proclaiming himself emperor, he called the reunited country Dai Co Viet.

Dinh Tien Hoang eliminated the social and political anarchy that had characterized the divided kingdom. He filled administrative positions with Buddhist and Taoist monks, who were subordinate to government and imperial control, and he organized his state in a form adapted from the Chinese model that was familiar to the Viets, which stressed loyalty and individual performance of duties.
Dinh Tien Hoang sought peaceful relations with China. Exploiting the weakness of the newly installed Sung dynasty, he affirmed the subordinate status of his kingdom and agreed to pay tribute to the Chinese emperor in return for recognition of the sovereignty of Dai Co Viet and its ruler. He thus achieved permanent independence from China for the Vietnamese kingdom, although China sought unsuccessfully to reclaim the territory in centuries to come.

Dinh Tien Hoang was known as a courageous warrior and an able administrator and diplomat. He and the crown prince were assassinated in 979 by Do Thich.

Cờ Lau Tập Trận

Ông Đinh Bộ Lĩnh là người ở Hoa Lư.

Lúc nhỏ ông hay luyện tập võ nghệ và dùng cờ bông lau để tập trận với trẻ em chăn trâu trong làng.

Reed flag for military exercises

Mr. Dinh Bo Linh was from Hoa Lu village.
When he was a boy, he often used reed wool to hold field maneuver with other shepherds and practiced martial arts


Le drapeau de roseau pour des exercices militaires

M. Dinh Bô Linh était originaire du village de Hoa Lu.
Lorsqu’il était jeune, il utilisa souvent du roseau pour diriger des manœuvres sur le terrain avec d'autres bergers et pratiqua les arts martiaux.

Nhà Đinh

Lớn lên ông Đinh Bộ Lĩnh chiêu mộ quân sĩ dẹp loạn. Ông đánh đâu thắng đó nên được quân dân tôn ông là Vạn Thắng Vương.

Sau ông lên làm vua đóng đô ở Hoa Lư, lấy hiệu là Đinh Tiên Hoàng, đặt tên nước là Đại Cồ Việt.

The Dinh Dynasty

When growing up, Mr. Dinh Bo Linh drafted recruits to squash the rebellion. He won all battles and was called Van Thang Vuong.
Later he ascended the throne as King Dinh Tien Hoang found Hoa Lu as the capitol, and named the country as Dai Co Viet.

La dynastie des Dinh

Durant sa jeunesse, M. Dinh Bô Linh enrôla des recrues afin d'écraser la rébellion. Il gagna toutes les batailles et on l’appela Van Thang Vuong.

Plus tard, il monta sur le trône comme le roi Dinh Tiên Hoàng fonda Hoa Lu comme Capitale, et nomma le pays Dai Cô Viêt.