The Petroglyph

Welcome to the La Cueva High School Yearbook website.

The editors and staff at the Petroglyph are proud of the fact that our award-winning yearbook is produced entirely by hard-working students right here at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. From conceptualizing to designing and from photographing and writing, every bit of the Petroglyph in made by us. The only outside work done is the actual printing.

It is our #1 goal to make you thrilled with your yearbook. Each year, a lot of very hard work and long hours goes into the making of the Petroglyph. We think that the effort is worth it.

It is our deepest hope that for many years you will pull your Petroglyph from your bookshelf or from a storage box and fondly remember your years at La Cueva High School. It is our duty to capture the essence that is La Cueva and lay it out for you in the Petroglyph in a fun and captivating manner.

The Petroglyph Editors and Staff