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posted Apr 20, 2014, 10:22 AM by St. Peter CSI Church Los Angeles

Dear all,

 Tomorrow we celebrate and think about the healing ministry of the Church.

 Among all the traditional ministries of Christianity, the healing ministry takes one of the prime places. This emerges out of the primacy that Jesus Christ himself gave to healing during his earthly ministrations.

 Moreover, it was compassion that moved him and his disciples to go about giving healing and offering wholeness to people. Masses followed Jesus of Nazareth expecting healing. And , healing he brought on his wings.

 In the modern era, the rich missionary history of Christianity brought medical care and research to its soaring heights and glory. Again, it was Christian compassion which moved them. Community medicine in India, for instance, is solely a missionary contribution. But where has it gone from there in the post modern era?

 Unfortunately, it is no more compassion which is the life force of medical care and research, but pure commerce.

 Let us recall, celebrate and renew our Christian compassion. Let it be the life force of all our human interaction.

 Yours in Christ,

 George Oommenachen

March 1st 2014