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posted Apr 20, 2014, 10:21 AM by St. Peter CSI Church Los Angeles

Dear all,

 I have been privileged to be part of the Republic Day celebrations and worships both in K. U. T. Seminary, Trivandrum and in my home parish in Mallappally. At KUTS a second year B. D. Student preached a sermon on the eroding values in Indian political system and God’s concern for justice, and at Mallappally I heard my uncle V. Rev. P. O. Ninan preach a sermon on the growing corruption and people’s concern regarding the widening economic gap in society, and the need for biblically based responses.

 What is obvious is that despite the great economic leap that India seems to enjoy, the systemic corruption is growing in leaps and bounds. This is a matter of great concern for all who are mindful of the future of India. However, in the midst of the scramble for power and greed, many see a glimmer of hope in the emerging groups who are putting up a brave fight against it.

 I remember reading the great Indian theologian Dr. M. M. Thomas who advocated the Christian principle of being the ‘perennial opposition’ when it comes to political decision making.

 During Jesus’ earthly ministry he constantly alerted his listeners to the need for challenging the established order which was based on vested interests and corruptive influences.

 Let us be aware of the need to guard against greed and corruptive systems.

 I am indeed happy that you are all involved in strongly sustaining the worship life of our congregation while I am away. I should say how proud I feel about such a practice that we have developed. I look forward to be back in your midst soon.

 With all the best for all, especially for the worship team that leads the worship and other activities while I am away

 Yours in Christ,

 George Oommenachen

January 27th 2014