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posted Oct 19, 2013, 12:19 PM by St. Peter CSI Church Los Angeles   [ updated Oct 19, 2013, 12:21 PM ]
Dear all,

This month we celebrate the Reformation Sunday on 27th. Being a historic moment in the life of the universal/catholic Church, we need to continue to celebrate it, think about it and live it. Otherwise it will end up as another date in the Church calendar. For that we need to realize that the Reformation is not about inheriting a church tradition but about constantly reforming it in accordance with the central tenets of protestant reformation which had impacted the whole world.

Centrality and accessibility of the Bible, priesthood of all believers with less clericalism (hierarchy), and dependence on God’s grace through Christ and not on human merit were some of the teachings at the center of the Reformation movement.

Germany was the epicenter of this great transformation. But we also know that during the last century the same place became a center of dictatorship, oppression and negation of humanity. I am referring to the Nazi rule and the catastrophic consequences of it for the whole world. It just demonstrates that any human community, however much strong and visionary they might have been, could be susceptible to utter failure unless they continue to guard against going on a slippery slope.

Our own Church, CSI, and our own diocese, Madhya Kerala cannot be exceptions. For instance, the Madhya Kerala diocesan history goes back to the great reform that was brought through the missionary vision of the Church Missionary Society and the reform-minded St. Thomas Christians and the group conversion of the former ‘slave’ castes. They gave a new direction to Christianity in Kerala where orthodoxy was the rule until then.

I hope the Church and all of us will continue in the spirit of reform even today.

October 27th also is our Harvest Festival; a day to step back and see God has been faithful to us. The tradition of Harvest Festival also comes from the Old Testament practice of thanksgiving for the harvest. I trust everyone of you will participate in it with a sense of gratitude and giving to God.

Yours in Christ,
George Oommenachen
5th October 2013