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posted May 19, 2013, 8:46 AM by St. Peter CSI Church Los Angeles   [ updated May 19, 2013, 8:47 AM ]

Dear all,

In May we enter the Pentecostal season of the Church Year.

After the post-Resurrection appearances of Jesus Christ the day of Pentecost was the most decisive moment in the history of the Church. It received the gifted presence of the Holy Spirit among the people who believed.

Jesus always emphasized the centrality of the Holy Spirit in the functioning of the community of faith, its togetherness and its effective witness. The early Christians realized it from the very beginning and held on to Jesus’ teachings about the functions of the Holy Spirit so close to their heart.

The major strength of their conviction about the Holy Spirit was that whenever they gathered together they felt the virtual and guiding presence of Jesus Christ among them.

They felt Jesus was the ultimate Counselor and that that counsel could go beyond human understanding of the situations and that the Spirit is the best guide.

They also realized that where the Spirit is present, it helps us to transcend and go beyond our diverse and differing view of the world. That is why the early Christians felt the sense of oneness in a unique way.

This experience is also ours. If not, we should make it ours.

During this Pentecostal season of the Church let us, as a congregation, feel the presence and the functioning of the Holy Spirit evermore.

I request all of you to be planning earnestly for the upcoming Retreat (May 25th-26th) prayerfully. Plan ahead to be there on time as there are only two day times available forus. Let us remember the Retreat leader Rev. Keith Yamamoto of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Upland, in our prayers.

With warm regards,

Yours in Christ,

George Oommenachen

May 3rd, 2013