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posted Jul 6, 2013, 9:42 PM by St. Peter CSI Church Los Angeles
Dear all,

All new beginnings are essentially good. Veiled in it are possibilities. But it is fraught with anxieties too. Human nature is that we like the familiar. But familiarity could breed contempt. Why I am saying all this? Purely because, we as a community are going through one such moment of change; from July 7th Sunday we will be worshipping in a new location provided by St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Hacienda Heights.

After worshipping in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Tustin for nearly a decade, and that too in one of the very nice facilities, this is indeed a major change.  So we remember with thanks the very meaningful worshipping atmosphere we enjoyed, and the smooth relationship we sustained, throughout our time there. This is a time for us to give our thanks to God for His goodness that was bestowed on us from the time of our inception as a worshipping community.

But let us not forget that our God is a God of future too. Let us look forward to our new beginning in St. Thomas Episcopal with that sense of assurance of God’s continued guidance and provision. Let us be thankful that St. Thomas was very welcoming.

At this juncture I would like to remind us all that St. Thomas the apostle of Jesus Christ to India is not alien to our faith. In fact, although it is a mere coincidence, July 3rd is celebrated as St. Thomas Day by the entire universal Church. So our new beginning happens to be indeed auspicious.

Let us begin with confidence. Let us begin with trust. Let us begin with hope, remembering that, God is our foundation and benefactor.

May God continue to guide us as a worshipping community into the future.

Yours in Christ,
George Oommenachen
July 5th 2013