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posted Sep 1, 2013, 10:45 AM by St. Peter CSI Church Los Angeles   [ updated Sep 1, 2013, 10:46 AM ]
Dear all,

This month’s worship themes revolve around two main themes; Fellowship and Eucharist. Both are intertwined and are inseparable from each other.

Early Christians were the best practitioners of this. (Acts 2: 36-47)

They came together in study. They thought about their belief and were in deep reflection about it. They did it with the help of the apostles.

Their reflections were in context. They considered it in relation to the life and experiences of their fellow community members. That is why they were able to see the needs of others and were able to live a life of mutuality.

Resultantly, there emerged a sense of an unprecedented oneness and unity.

Further, their ‘breaking of the bread’ was a culmination of them becoming a community of faith.

Just before his death, Jesus instituted (Mark 14: 22-25) the ‘breaking of the bread’ to help such a community of faith to continue to capture the meaning of the Cross in their lives.

So the continuing practice and celebration of our Eucharist is to freshly consider the implications of our faith in context. Then, the vital question is, do we really take our context and contemporary challenges seriously as we come to the table.

Let the life in context and ‘the breaking of the bread’ come together.

With warm regards,

Yours in Christ,

George Oommenachen
July 31st 2013