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These independant forums about raising bilingual children and/or language learning in young children are not affiliated with La Crèche.   If you have created or participate in a local forum let us know and we'll add it to our links!

Bilingual/Bicultural Family Network

This is a worldwide network  started in Germany that provides a host of resources and the magazine  Multilingual Living.

Multilingual Children's Association

Your practical web-guide to raising multilingual children. Expert advice and real world wisdom with parent discussions, tips and articles on kids growing up with multiple languages. From birth through school.
Bilingual Families Connect

An international forum that includes resources/where to buy information for several languages.

Multilingual Family Forum 

This is a forum primarily for families in the UK, but the questions/issues may be of interest. 

Enfants Bilingues

C'est un forum en français pour les familles bilingues.



Pour les Z'enfants...  

  • is an on-line source to listen to your favorite French children's song (discothèque).  Lyrics are available in the bibliothèque. 
  • Radio Junior   Broadcast directly from France, this on-line radio station is similar to Radio Disney and features child-friendly popular music and children's musicians (like Monsieur Nô!) 
  • Debout les Zouzous Similar to, think Saturday morning cartoons for the pre-school crowd.  Includes full episodes of 5, rue Sésame.
  • Poisson Rouge  is a big hit among the 12-36 month old crowd.  It features English/French alphabet, Frère Jacques sung in rounds, counting games and many more surprises for the curious clicker.   
  • Les couleurs de l'orchestre   introduces youth to the instruments and voices of classical music.  Learners of all ages will enjoy identifying the sounds of each instrument; additional activities are sorted by age group. 
  • Le monde de Victor  is a publicity-free website that uses games and music to learn about nature and animals.  It is geared towards 2-4 year olds and can be viewed in English, French or Spanish.  
  •  Wumpa's World  is for the 3-5 year old who is fascinated with cold-weather friends: storytelling, on-line and printable art, music and more is all narrated by arctic friends!  This Canadian program is available in French, English, Spanish and Inuit.