La Compagnie de Langis

Based out of Vermont, the recreated Compagnie de Langis portrays one of the ad hoc ranger companies commanded by Ensign Jean-Baptiste Levrault de Langis Montegron (called "Langy" by his English rivals). At the start of the French and Indian War in 1755, Langis was an ensign in the Troupes de la Marine, stationed at an outpost less than a mile from Fort Beauséjour, Acadia. Following its capture by British Lieutenant Colonel Robert Monckton that year, Langis was allowed to reenlist, the next time, as a ranger. Between 1755 and 1760, Langis scouted around Lakes Champlain and George (Lac St Sacrement), led countless sorties into British territories, and helped the French maintain a strategic balance.

Today, la Compagnie de Langis is composed of living historians whose goal is to recreate one of the ranger companies commanded by Ensign Langis. While the company is classified as a "ranger" unit, it is much more, being made up of militiamen (miliciens), Native Americans, and camp followers. To remain as true to one of the original companies, we only reenact a unit "on campaign," with quickly-made shelters, carried-in supplies, and season-appropriate food.

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Vive le roi!

2018 At A Glance: 
  • May 26 - 27; Fort Stanwix
  • June 2 -3; Mabee Farm
  • June 29 - July 1; Fort Niagara
  • August 25 - 26; Fort Frederick
  • September 22 - 23; Roger’s Island

Contact Information:

Unit Commander:
Clayton Willets

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