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This directory lists faculty and staff from our member institutions involved with LACOL through our advisory councils, working groups, workshops and other initiatives. (See working group tabs above for individual contact lists.)

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Last NameFirst NameTItle or PositionInstitutionGroup(s)
Last NameFirst NameTItle or PositionInstitutionGroup(s)
Anderson Andy  Academic Technology Specialist  Amherst College QS 
Cox David Professor of Mathematics Amherst College QS 
Dahill Bridget Interim Associate Director of Academic Technology Services Amherst College ETL 
Dole Andrew Associate Professor of Religion Amherst College AER 
Honig Adam Assoc. Prof. Economics, Dir Moss Q Center Amherst College QS 
Jaswal Sheila Assistant Professor of Chemistry Amherst College QS 
kumar hari stephen Instructional Designer, Director Designate, Instructional and Curricular Services Amherst College ETL, AER 
Nelson Ingrid Assistant Professor of English Amherst College AER, Faculty Advisory Council 
O'Hara Pat Professor of Chemistry Amherst College QS, Faculty Advisory Council 
Reutenauer Lauren Academic Manager in Organic Chemistry Amherst College QS 
Roser Missy  Head of Research and Instruction, Frost Library Amherst College AER 
Stoffer Lisa Director, Grants Office Amherst College ETL 
van den Berg Christopher Assistant Professor of Classics Amherst College LI 
Wordelman Amy  Dir Five College Center Amherst College LI 
Young Elizabeth Assistant Professor of Chemistry Amherst College QS 
Darwish Manar Instructor and Coordinator of Bi-Co Arabic Program Bryn Mawr College LI 
Siesing Gina CIO and Dir of Libraries Bryn Mawr College ETL, AER 
Spohrer Jennifer Director of Educational Technology Bryn Mawr College ETL 
Thapar Anjali  Professor of Psychology Bryn Mawr College ETL 
Born Carly Academic Technologist Carleton College LI 
Cox Stephanie Lecturer in French Carleton College LI 
Eblen-Zayas Melissa  Associate Professor of Physics  Carleton College QS 
Evertz Kathy Director for Academic Support Center Carleton College AER, ETL 
Gross Deborah Professor of Chemistry Carleton College QS 
Hagstrom Fred Director, Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching, Professor of Art, Carleton College AER, ETL 
Hardy Clara Professor of Classics Carleton College LI 
Kaufman Helena  Director of Off-Campus Studies Carleton College LI 
Khalid Adeeb  Professor of Asian Studies and History Carleton College LI 
Kohen Dani Associate Professor of Chemistry Carleton College QS 
Lac Christine Senior Lecturer in French Carleton College LI 
Montero Al Professor of Political Science Carleton College Language Instruction 
Morse Victoria  Professor of History Carleton College AER 
Nixon Andrea Director of Educational Research Carleton College QS 
O'Connell Kristen Geoscience Education and Evaluation Associate (SERC) Carleton College QS 
Rafferty Anna Assistant Professor of Computer Science Carleton College QS 
Russell Janet Director of Instructional Technology Carleton College QS 
Scannell  Janet  Chief Technology Officer Carleton College ETL 
Shearer Cynthia  Language Center DIrector Carleton College LI 
Shuffelton George Associate Dean of the College, Professor of English, Carleton College Faculty Advisory Council 
Swoboda Aaron Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Economics Carleton College ETL 
Van Der Wege Mija  Associate Professor of Psychology Carleton College QS 
Zatowski Ann Head of Reference and Instruction Carleton College ETL 
Zimmerman Chico Professor of Classics Carleton College LI, Faculty Advisory Council 
Sanders Ashley Digital Scholarship Coordinator Claremont Colleges ETL 
Eshleman Kristen Director of Digital Innovation Davidson College ETL 
Richard Sundi Lead Instructional Designer Davidson College ETL 
Forrest Lisa Director, Research and Instructional Design Hamilton College AER 
Sabloff Joshua Professor of Mathematics Haverford ETL 
Blase Fran Provost and Assoc. Professor of Chemistry Haverford College Faculty Advisory Council 
Corbin Katy Lecturer in French Haverford College LI 
Fabiani Steve Associate Chief Information Office Haverford College ETL 
Freedman Richard Associate Provost for Curricular Development and Professor of Music Haverford College Faculty Advisory Council 
Howe Carol Science Librarian Haverford College ETL 
Jilani Saleha Assistant Professor of Economics Haverford College QS, ETL 
Kane Susan Associate Professor of Physics Haverford College QS 
Koltun-Fromm Kenneth Professor of Religion Haverford College AER 
Krippner James Professor of History Haverford College AER 
Laird Monique Visiting Lecturer of French Haverford College LI 
Lindell Steve Professor of Computer Science Haverford College QS 
Londergan Casey Assoc. Prof. of Chemistry Haverford College ETL 
Lopez-Sanches Ana Assistant Professor of Spanish Haverford College LI, ETL 
López Sánchez Ana Assistant Professor of Spanish Haverford College LI 
McKeever Matt Professor and Chair of Sociology Haverford College QS 
Mercurio Jeremiah Research & Instruction Librarian Haverford College AER 
Michelotti Graciela  Associate Professor of Spanish Haverford College LI 
Mulligan Bret Associate Prof. of Classics Haverford College LI 
Norquist Alex Associate Professor of Chemistry Haverford College QS 
Parameswaran Giri Assistant Professor of Economics Haverford College QS, ETL 
Saito Hiroyo Director of Instructional Technology Haverford College ETL 
Sato  Tetsuya Director of Japanese Language Program Haverford College LI 
Savoth Alex Instructional Technology Specialist Haverford College LI 
Scarrow Rob Professor of Chemistry Haverford College ETL 
Snyder Terry Librarian of the College Haverford College ETL 
Strauss Sharon Instructional Technology Specialist Haverford College QS 
Zarafonetis Mike Digital Scholarship Librarian Haverford College ETL 
Evans Liz LACOL Director LACOL All 
Andrejevic Mark Associate Professor of Media Studies Pomona College Faculty Advisory Council 
Bashaw Rita Assistant Professor of German; Dir Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages Pomona College LI 
Bilger Audrey  VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College Pomona College ETL, AER 
Brown  Travis  Director of the Quantitative Skill Center  Pomona College QS 
Choi Philip Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Pomona College ETL 
Coffey Mary Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures Pomona College Faculty Advisory Council 
Davila-Lopez Grace  Adjunct Professor of Romance Languages and Literature Pomona College LI 
Douzer Virginie Assoc. Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures Pomona College LI 
Flapan Erica  Professor of Mathematics  Pomona College QS 
Gallardo Adan  Manager, Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) Pomona College LI 
Garcia Stephan Assoc. Professor of Mathematics Pomona College ETL 
Karaali Gizem Associate Professor of Mathematics Pomona College QS 
Kates Gary  Professor of History Pomona College ETL 
Kurita Kyoko Professor of Japanese Pomona College LI 
McMahon Mary Director of Instructional and Research Services Pomona College LI, ETL 
Moore  Thomas Professor of Physics Pomona College ETL 
Rockwell Joti Associate Professor of Music Pomona College ETL 
Sazinsky Matt Associate Professor of Chemistry Pomona College QS 
Shahriari Shahriar  Professor of Mathematics  Pomona College QS 
Whitaker Dwight Assistant Professor of Physics  Pomona College ETL 
Wittman  Kara Director of College Writing and Assistant Professor of English  Pomona College AER 
Xiao Feng  Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Literatures Pomona College LI 
Yoshioka-Maxwell Livi  Visiting Assistant Professor of French, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at Pomona College Pomona College ETL 
Reuther Andrew Head of Academic Computing Services Swarthmore ULM Project 
Behrens Eric Associate Chief Information Technology Officer Swarthmore College ETL 
Burke Tim Professor of History Swarthmore College ETL, Faculty Advisory Council 
Cherel  Benjamin  Lecturer, French and Francophone Studies Swarthmore College LI 
Chindemi Vila Julia  Spanish Lecturer Swarthmore College LI 
Gomez Ralph Asst. Prof. Mathematics and Statistics Swarthmore College QS 
Gras-Velazquez Adrian Visiting Assistant Professor Swarthmore College LI 
Grood Cheryl Professor of Mathematics Swarthmore College QS 
Hiebert Burch Sara Professor of Animal Physiology Swarthmore College ETL, QS 
Jones Michael Director of Language Resource Center  Swarthmore College LI 
Kashyap Nabil Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Scholarship Swarthmore College AER 
Seiden Peggy  College Librarian Swarthmore College ETL 
Simon Sunka  Professor of German and Film and Media Studies, Assoc. Provost for Faculty Development Swarthmore College LI 
Smith Tristan Assistant Professor of Physics Swarthmore College AER, ETL, QS 
Smith Ben Assistant Professor, Arabic Language and Literature Swarthmore College LI 
Smith Tristan  Assistant Professor of Physics Swarthmore College AER, QS 
Suda Atsuko Lecturer of Japanese Swarthmore College LI 
Thomas Jamie Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Postdoctoral Fellow Swarthmore College AER 
Thomasen Krista Assistant Professor of Philosophy Swarthmore College AER 
Turpin William Professor of Classics Swarthmore College LI 
Vallen Elizabeth  Professor of Biology Swarthmore College QS, Faculty Advisory Council 
Webb Kevin Asst. Prof. of Computer Science Swarthmore College QS 
Yatsunyk Liliya  Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Swarthmore College ETL, QS 
Yordanova Tsvetelina Lecturer in Russian Swarthmore College LI 
Crouch Catherine Associate Professor of Physics Swarthore College QS 
Andrews Mark Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies Vassar College LI 
Ashton Andrew Director of the Libraries Vassar College ETL 
Bailey Baynard Academic Computing Consultant  Vassar College LI 
Bisaha  Nancy  Professor of History Vassar College AER 
Bucher  Debra  Assistant Director of the Library for Collection Development and Research Services Vassar College AER 
Calta Kariane Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Vassar College QS 
Chenette Jon Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Music Vassar College AER, Administrative Advisory Council 
Donhauser Zachary Assoc Professor of Chemistry Vassar College QS 
Ellman Tom Associate Professor of Computer Science Vassar College AER 
Gerhardi Lioba  Adj Asst Professor in German StudiesDirector, Self-Instructional Language Program Vassar College LI, Faculty Advisory Council 
Hart Kathleen Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies Vassar College LI 
Ho Ben Associate Professor of Economics Vassar College ETL, Faculty Advisory Council 
Hu Monika Asst. Professor of Statistics Vassar College QS 
Keimowitz Alison Assistant Professor of Chemistry Vassar College QS 
Lieb Gretchen Research Librarian Vassar College AER 
Lott Bert Professor of Greek and Roman Studies Vassar College AER 
Parker Thomas Assistant Professor of French Vassar College LI 
Patkus Ron Associate Director of the Libraries for Special Collections and Adjunct Associate Professor of History Vassar College AER 
Taylor Steve Director of Academic Computing Services Vassar College LI, ETL 
Zlotnick Susan Dean of Freshmen and Professor of English Vassar College AER 
David Pfaff IQ Center Coordinator Washington & Lee QS 
Garvis Denny Professor of Business Admin & Mgmt Washington & Lee QS 
Shester Katie Assistant Professor of Economics Washington & Lee Faculty Advisory Council 
Toporikova  Natalia Asst. Professor of Biology Washington & Lee QS 
Youngman Paul Professor of German Washington & Lee Faculty Advisory Council 
Adams Colin Professor of Mathematics Williams College ETL 
Albrecht Jeannie  Associate Professor of Computer Science Williams College ETL 
Bolton Christopher Professor of Comparative and Japanese Literature Williams College ETL 
Canova Jane Administrative Director of Center for Foreign Languages Literatures and Cultures Williams College LI 
Cassiday Julie Chair of German and Russian and Professor of Russian Williams College Faculty Advisory Council 
Chang Cecilia Professor of Chinese Williams College LI 
De Veaux Dick Professor of Statistics Williams College ETL 
Doret Charlie  Assistant Professor of Physics Williams College QS 
DuBois Lori Reference and Instruction Librarian Williams College AER 
Goh Christopher  Assistant Professor of Chemistry Williams College QS 
Hjermstad Tamra Instructional Technololgy Specialist Williams College ETL 
Koralesky Barron Chief Information Officer Williams College ETL 
Leamon Jonathon Director of Instructional Technology Williams College ETL 
Lenhart Bill Professor of Computer Science Williams College ETL 
Ménard Christine  Head of Research Services and Library Outreach  Williams College AER 
Miller Steven Associate Professor of Mathematics Williams College ETL 
Muller Laura Director of QS Programming and Peer Support Williams College QS 
Parham Sourena  Language Media and Technology Specialist Williams College LI 
Park Lee Associate Dean of the Faculty, Professor of Chemistry Williams College QS 
Saint-Just Sophie  Assistant Professor of French Language and Francophone Cultures Williams College LI 
Stoiciu Mihai Associate Professor of Mathematics Williams College QS, Faculty Advisory Council 
Wang Adam Senior Instructional Technology Specialist Williams College ETL 
Murphy Trevor Instructional Technology Specialist Wlliams College AER 
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