About Us

Founded in 2000, La Citadelle Artistic Association was created by Vesna Boscovic, an artist and visionary, she has close to 20 years of international experience working and living in ex-Yugoslavia, England, France and now the United States.

The mission of the organization is to cross-pollinate the culture of Art between continents by promoting the exchange of artists and their work. La Citadelle aims to assist emerging artists through training and career promotion to allow international recognition of their work and to establis
h a vibrant network of Artistic intelligence.

La Citadelle’s main project consists of holding regular artistic workshops which link emerging international artists to their host countries. The organization provides the artists with an independent work space and arranges a series of events to familiarize them with their new environment; from tourist tours and museum visits to social dinners and gallery viewings. Our aim is for the artists to feel comfortable and inspired.
Artists in 2001 with Vesna Boscovic

Where it all started: The adventure began in Chavenay, France; with full participation from local authorities and select artists were invited to complete a summer artistic workshop in the village.
The results were extraordinary; the artists bonded to share techniques and inspiration, they were catapulted into the limelight through a series of publicized exhibitions including a showcase at the Yugoslav Embassy in  Paris, and finally, their work was auctioned shortly thereafter which, along with numerous donations, enabled the association to continue its mission to establish the existence of a burgeoning international artistic community.