Swedish massage

Swedish massage is based on concepts of anatomy and physiology and work on the energy of the "meridiens" or sen lines an old Asian massage systems. Many different techniques are use such as massage strokes know as effleurage, kneading, friction, stretching and tapping. Swedish massage is based on energy work also known as charkas, the energy wheels located on the meridian of our spine. Learn more about these therapy when you book an appointment with us.  

During (1776 - 1839) Dr. Per Hendrik Ling a Swedish Physiologist at the University of Stockholm, developed and poineered swedish massage, he combined massage therapy, anatomy, physiology therapy, deep tissue pressure, called accupressure, lymphatic drainage and called this system (MEDICAL GYMNASTICS) we use  Swedish movements in our treatments known today as the SWEDISH Masssage. Swedish massage has been known for its health benefits working on the muscle tissues adhesions breaking muscle knots, release and ease muscle tension to promote healing and relaxation. Deep tissue massage losen stiffness, relief pain and discomfort if you can tolerate more deep pressure.