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Hot stone therapy

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We position the stones on the chakra points of the body along the spine. The chakra points are the body’s energy center. It is believed to vitalize the physical body. When stimulated, it balances energy flow throughout the body.

Hot stone therapy  massage is gentle to the body compared with Swedish massage or deep tissue massage since hot stone practitioner uses the stone instead of their hands to massage. However hot stone massage are reach ten times deeper during the massage making it more intense than a regular Swedish massage.

Volcanic rocks such as basalt or basinite stones are heated in water with temperature from 120 – 130 degree Fahrenheit.

The combination of warmth and cool treatment promote relaxation, elimating negative energy within the clients body, mind and soul, detox and speed up healing.

These stones various in size, shapes and weights according to what part of the body from the size of the thumb to as large as about 2 to 3 pounds of weight.

Benefits of hot stone massage:
Muscle relaxation
• Easing stress and recharge your energy levels
• Releases toxins
• Improves blood circulation

Muscle and back Pains
• Arthritis
• Stress, Anxiety
• Circulatory problems
• Insomnia
• Depression
• multiple sclerosis (MS)

Most of all, hot stone therapy / massage are best suited for people who deserve some nurture and pampering. This means after every treatment, you will not only feel rejuvenated but beautiful and special as well.