Los Alamos Supercomputing Challenge


Los Alamos High School has several teams that participate in the New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge. Listed below are some of Los Alamos' past and current projects.


Team 48, Wildfire Behavior Model. [Abstract] [Interim Report] [PDF Final Report] [Online Final Report]
Team 49, Modeling Oil Consumption [Abstract] [Interim Report] [PDF Final Report]


Team 50, Social Model for Predicting Economic Trends [Proposal] [Interim Report] [Online Final Report]
Team 51, Compressible Fluid Dynamics [Proposal] [Interim Report]
Team 52, E.coli in Hostile Environments [Proposal] [Interim Report]
Team 53, Internet Weakness Analysis [Proposal] [Interim Report]
Team 54, Earthquakes [Proposal] [Interim Report]
Team 55, River changes and the effect on environment [Proposal]