Wyoming Co. PA Cemeteries

The Cemetery pages are dedicated to Elizabeth Hoover Fitzgerald (THSTiger). 
She had a wonderful site that helped all of us find our ancestors.  It’s also dedicated to Kurt Moser who had the foresight to preserve the Cemetery pages and to share them with all of us.
Note: ~Picture Request~ indicates that someone is looking for a picture of the person and/or headstone.  Please see the Photo Request page.
Wyoming County Cemetery Map - Is available for sale on the Wyoming County Historical Society website. 119 cemeteries in Wyoming County are marked on this map.

Braintrim Township

Black Walnut or Sturdevant Cemetery
Wickizer Cemetery
Skinner's Eddy or Ghost Hill Cemetery
Lacey Street Cemetery


Old Mowry Cemetery
Tallow Hill Cemetery
St. Joachim's Cemetery
Overfield Cemetery
Solomon Bunnell Family Cemetery 


Lake Winola Cemetery 
Fairview Cemetery


German Hill Cemetery
Menger Family Cemetery
La Grange or Jackson Cemetery
Gravel Hill Cemetery
Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetery
Old Marcy Cemetery
Sunnyside Cemetery
Dixon Cemetery
Shaw/Ball/East Lemon Cemetery
Jenkins Family Plot
Pieta Catholic Cemetery

Eaton Township

Keelersburg Cemetery
South Eaton Cemetery
Old Brick Church or Eaton Cemetery
Stephen G. Harding Plot
Lee Family Plot
Robinson or North Eaton Cemetery


Roberts Cemetery
Post Hill Cemetery
Fitch Plot Moved To Roberts Cemetery
Townsend Family Plot
Harris Family Plot
Greenwood Or Ross Cemetery
Sonsky Family Plot

North Branch

Douglas Family Plot


Marsh/Centermoreland Cemetery
Vernon Cemetery
Fitch Cemetery
Champlin Cemetery






Whitcomb or Scottsville Cemetery
North Flat Cemetery
Jenningsville Cemetery
Frost Cemetery


Union Hill Cemetery
Griste Family Plot
Barnes Or Mehoopany Baptist Church Cemetery
Old Baptist Church or Jayne Cemetery
Vaughn Cemetery, including Fassett Cemetery

Clinton Township

Carpenter Cemetery
Evergreen - Woodlawn Cemetery
Square Top or Depot Cemetery


Fincke Family Plot
Kasson Brook Cemetery
Henry Site
Koloff Site
Samuel Daddow Site
North Branch or Adams Cemetery
Winslow Family Plot
Robinson Street or Pearson Cemetery
Pearle Goodwin Farm
South Branch or Robinson Cemetery
Noah Adams Family Plot
Fassett Family Cemetery
Ashcraft Family Plot


Clark Cemetery


Orcutt Cemetery
Beaumont Cemetery


Arch School Cemetery
Stephens Cemetery
St. Patrick's Catholic Cemetery
Nicholson Cemetery
Oakley Cemetery
Henry Miller Children
Fisk Family Plot
Starkville Cemetery
St. Michael's Greek Catholic Cemetery
West Nicholson Cemetery


Rural Rest Cemetery
Keiserville/Vose Cemetery
Russell Hill/Prevost Cemetery
Vosburg Cemetery
Carney Cemetery
Robinson Family Plot - Moved To Vaughn Cemetery
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