Build gallery

At the time of building, it wasn't possible to export a useful parts list from LEGO Digital Designer (LDD). Research showed that a work around was available by importing the LDD file into the BrickUtils software (available from This software creates a parts list from LEGO Digital Designer file in a format which can can be loaded into called a 'mass upload'. Bricklink is an online trading site for LEGO bricks. I imported my 'mass upload' file into my Bricklink wanted list. The website then allowed me to see which suppliers had my 'wanted list' bricks available, compare prices and order my bricks.

The V.I.N.CENT model needed around 3,000 bricks of around 130 lots (different bricks or colours) and 14 suppliers were used to acquire all the necessary parts. Within a week they'd all been delivered and assembly started. This took two days and led to a further 300 bricks being ordered to structurally stabilise and further improve the model.

Below are pictures of the original build. Pictures of the final model are in the model gallery.


Stand, mainly constructed from Technic bricks.

Side hands

Hands to go on the sides of the model.


Guns with slide fixings. Shown incomplete here as the 'nozzles' remained to be delivered. In the final build picture below you can see green place-keepers where the nozzles would go.


The main hands and arms, designed to be pose-able.


The head with mounting.


The feet and legs, shown here without fixings.


The SNOT back panel.

This was the last of the elements to be built before work started on the main body.


The lower body was built first and included the legs and structural core. The core holds the model together and distributes the weight of the skin of the model to the core where it's transferred directly to the display stand.


The arms (extended) and 'gun box' sides can be seen here.

The top of the structural core can be clearly seen. The core also directly takes the weight of the head and helmet.


The guns - seen here extended - were then fitted inside the gun-boxes.


Construction of the upper body (lower SNOT section) was then completed and attached to the main body. The side hands were also attached.

The second 'studs on top' section of the upper body was then constructed and mounted on top. The first section of this can be seen in this photograph.


The upper body complete, the head is mounted onto the structural core.

Lastly the helmet is built and mounted on the structural core.


LEGO V.I.N.CENT completed for the first time.

In front you can see the Mego Corporation toy V.I.N.CENT from the film merchandise.

Following this initial build, a series of re-design work was undertaken:
  • The helmet, head and upper body received extensive structural strengthening, as did the ball feet. The use of 'jumpers' in these elements made this particularly challenging.
  • The model was lifted around 2cm higher on the display stand.
  • Some LEGO plates and other bricks which weren't available for the original build were reconfigured and/or reordered.

In all around 300 extra bricks were purchased to completed the final model.

Lastly, I completed the LEGO plaque sticker, including use of 'OCR A' and 'Stencil' fonts used in the film.


Pictures: (Above) Pictures taken from the initial V.I.N.CENT MOC build.
Plaque: (Above) picture of V.I.N.CENT and Harry Booth, and title card from Disney's The Black Hole.