My LabVIEW Examples Page  8.5+

Example VIs -- Unless otherwise Noted, these VIs are windows specific and written in LabVIEW 8.5+

These examples are provided with the explicit understanding that they are just that, EXAMPLES.  Use them at your OWN risk as I am making no warranty expressed, implied or otherwise.  YOU are responsible for throughly testing your programs!

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Thanks, Paul (PJS on the NI forums)


  • DSN Utilities :This Zip contains a few VIs for Dyncamically creating DSN entries. LV8.5


  • Send Email :This example is configured to send a text email message utilizing an SSL connection thru GMail. It uses the Windows .net api (must have verison 2+ installed). LV8.5


  • Create Shortcut : this zip contains a .net wrapper that handles dealing with the comm object used to create shortcuts. It is just a quick example. The project contains the credits for the wrapper and the source code. LV8.5
  • Task Scheduler: this zip contains a .net wrapper that handles automating the task scheduler api. Coming as soon as I throw an example together. LV8.5
  • Windows Shutdown : A simple VI that invokes a command line shutdown. It has options for shutdown, restart, logoff.  It also allows the programmer to force applications closed with no prompt, and a shutdown timer.  If there is time, you can even abort the shutdown.  LV8.5
  • Serial Port VIs:  Written using the .Net API.  Very handy if you only have serial comms in your program.  Prevents you from having to include the VISA runtime engine, so much smaller.  Requires .Net 2.0+. LV2009.
  • PING: Writen using the .Net API.  The predominant method is to use the dos shell to do this and parse the return.  This is a very basic implementation, but the .Net API has several more advance functions if you wish to explore. LV2009