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( With duck season closed and as soon as the crappie stop biting I will update this web site Spring of 2014.)
The pups pictured are red Dudley Labrador Retrievers. They are the offspring of  breeding between Texas Levi Highlander and LPK Shelby Girl my red Dudley sire and dam. The first pics are of Dirk. While his sire and dam go 85 and 75 lbs he tips the scales at 101 lbs.  I have kept as part of my breeding program Red, 2nd pair of pics, a solid red male from our first breeding. He is pictured with Shelby, his dam. The 3rd pair of pics is Al, a solid red male from their second breeding. A Dudley Lab will have a splash of white somewhere on it, the only exception to that are those two. They are solid red with a gold undercoat. The pup below is Dirk, he is from the forth breeding and if you look at his chest you will see a splash of white. That splash of white is typical of a Dudley.  The red over gold gives my dogs what seems to be the ability to change color from a bright red to a dark red. The gold  undercoat is brought out by an increase in light and the dark red with  a reduction  in light  . All of my Dudley Labs have amber eyes and pink noses. Beginning in the fall of 2013 we will be offering not only our red pups but also black and chocolate pups. We are getting them from the breeding of our tri-factored black female, Rickki, and our solid red Dudley male, Red. The alleles for Rickki is EeBb and for Red they are eebb which should give me pups in a litter comprised of 50% yellow, which for me is red and should be 25% Dudley and 25% black nose, 25% black and 25% chocolate. I will know what the litter of 2014 should be comprised of after the first litter of their breeding. I have recently purchased a red Dudley female, Tessa, to breed to Red and both of their alleles are eebb which should give me a litter of all red Dudley puppies. Their first breeding will be in November of 2014.

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