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How can we best explain and share all our knowledge of laboratory procedures for biological research?

We want to do good research, and share our best knowledge of laboratory protocols and procedures so that others may
use and build on it - but much of our laboratory practice is not readily captured or is difficult to describe in words.
Finding the right protocol for a new experiment, or troubleshooting one that's not working requires one to already possess a degree of expertise
- but we can't all start out as experts, and many of our current descriptions make a lot of implicit assumptions which lead to unnecessary struggle at the bench.

We aim to improve this.

  Following the style of architect Christopher Alexander we adopt the concept of pattern languages to capture and describe good solutions
to recurring problems faced by researchers' at the bench - with the aim of making such knowledge widely available.  It is hoped that laboratory
patterns will become a useful additional resource to aid the discovery, understanding, transfer, and organisation of our lab knowledge on the web.     

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