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Labor Radio

Labor Radio Collective:"Together We Make A Difference" http://laborradiocollective.blogspot.com/
Monday Nights at 6pm,
Join Lane Poncy & Tim Flanagan

for Fifth Monday Labor Radio–
January      30        Occupy Portland and Economic Justice
April           30       
On Monday, April 30, 2012... Join Lane
                                   and Tim on Fifth Monday Labor Radio!
                                   Elizabeth Joy Zarek, an organizer for
                                   The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) will talk about Early Childhood Education Workers
(Pre-Kindergarden) and
how they are exploited and under-valued with low pay,
few benefits, and little protection. And we will discover
"The Quilt Project."

Also, Cameron Whitten, an Occupy Organizer, will
give us an update on The 99% Spring
and how Occupy
PDX and Labor are working together for Justice!

July            30       
Rocky Anderson and the Justice Party: A Progressive   
                             Alternative or a fatal error?  Michael Morrow (retired)
                             from AFT or other union political analysts could discuss.

October      29        Third, 4th, 5th, 6th, & more Aternatives!  Must We Settle for a Lesser Evil?
                             Working Family Party, Green, Progressive, Justice, and others...

December   31        Our show is on New Years Eve!   Ideas for Radical Change in 2013


 Please call in and join the conversation.  Studio Line (503) 231-8187
More info on Participants
  Fifth Monday Labor Radio:https://sites.google.com/site/laborradiocollective/
We have a lot going on this Spring!
Lane Poncy and Tim Flanagan normally co-host union leaders, educators, legislators, and teaching professionals to discuss how working families can best deal with our our failed schools and faltering economy.  We need jobs with Justice!  
Lane is with the Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans,
CWA Local 7901   - Communications Workers of America Local 7901 in Portland. and Tim is a retired educator.  He is an active liaison for AFT-Oregon, edits The Portland Alliance, is Agent for The Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media & Education, and has served on PDX Jobs with Justice Steering Committee for the past eight years.

We need health care, not health "insurance"!

Healthcare Resource
The watered-down reform we got on March, 21, 2010 was a gift to the insurance industry. 
They still call the shots, set the prices, 
and keep their exemption from laws
which prohibit monopolies.

We can do better.