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Digital Commentary Rubric

Purpose:  Establishes a purpose early on and maintains a clear focus throughout. It is clear that the you care about your commentary and feel that you have something important to communicate. Strong evidence that you’ve thought seriously and deeply about the meaning of the poem.

Content: Content is engaging -- viewer is left with thought-provoking ideas and/or the commentary develops in a way that's different from initial expectations.  Some adjectives that apply to your commentary: interesting, surprising, thought-provoking.  You’ve gone beyond making the language of the poem literal (e.g. “leaves of grass” = image of leaves followed by image of grass).  After I’ve watched your digital commentary, I should  be able to write a couple of paragraphs describing and explaining your interpretation of the poem.

Voice: Voice quality is clear and consistently audible throughout the presentation. You use your voice to interpret the poem and communicate an interpretation of the language of the poem.  

Images/media: Your images/media create a distinct atmosphere or tone that matches the different parts of your commentary. The images should match the metaphorical power of the language. The meaning of the poem is transformed by the use of images.  More concretely: your commentary contains 6 or more images and media clips (video or music or other sound); images etc. are clear and in focus and cropped if necessary.

Flow: Transitions and cuts are smooth.  Your vocal performance and your media are well-coordinated.