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Past Conferences

Arizona State University - Tempe, Arizona - September 29, 2018

Full-length presentations:

      "Unemployment Insurance, Strategic Unemployment, and Firm-Worker Collusion"
       Bernardus Van Doornik, David Schoenherr, and Janis Skrastins

      "Analyzing the Aftermath of a Compensation Change"
      Jason Sandvik, Richard Saouma, Nathan Seegert, Chris Stanton

      "The Effect of Superstar Firms on College Major Choice"
      Darwin Choi, Dong Lou, and Abhiroop Mukherjee

      "Mergers and Acquisitions, Technological Change and Inequality"
      Wenting Ma, Paige Ouimet, and Elena Simintzi

Shorter paper presentations:

      "The Equilibrium Value of Employee Ethics"
      Brendan Daley and Simon Gervais

      "What Would You Do with $500? Spending Responses to Gains, Losses, News and Loans"
      Andreas Fuster, Greg Kaplan, and Basit Zafar

      "Access to Public Capital Markets and Employment Growth"
      Alexander Borisov, Andrew Ellul, and Merih Sevilir

      "The Economic Value of Employees: Evidence from Worker Deaths"
      Ramin Baghai, and Rui Silva

      "The Effect of Right-to-Work Laws on Workers and Firms"
      Sudheer Chava, Andras Danis, and Alex Hsu

      "(Mis)matching Superstar Engineers to Finance Jobs"
      Nandini Gupta and Isaac Hacamo

      "Measuring the Correlation between Human and Financial Capital Returns: A Portfolio Choice Approach"
      Sara B. Holland

      "Do Labor Markets Discipline? Evidence From RMBS Bankers"

      John M. Griffin, Samuel Kruger, Gonzalo Maturana

University of Colorado Boulder  - Boulder, CO - December 2-3, 2016.

Full-length presentations: 

    "Friends with (Wage) Benefits: Random Assignment of MBA Peers and Reallocation to the Financial Industry"
    Isaac Hacamo and Kristoph Kleiner

    "Labor-induced Technological Change: Evidence from Doing Business in China"
    Jan Bena and Elena Simintzi

    Estelle Dauchy and Nathan Seegert

    Ilona Babenko, Fangfang Du, and Yuri Tserlukevich

    Jonathan Brogaard, Joseph Engelberg, and Edward Van Wesep

Early idea Presentations:

    "The Effects of Unstable Work Schedules on Firm Output and Employee Turnover"    
    Cami Kuhnen, Hyun Seok Lee, and Saravanan Kesavan

    "Idiosyncratic Labor Income in a Production General Equilibrium Model"
    Miguel Palacios and Lawrence Schmidt

    "The Market's Reaction to Changes at the Employee Level: Evidence from the Boston Celtics"
    Kelly Carter

    "Bankruptcy, Team-specific Human Capital, and Innovation: Evidence from U.S. Inventors"
    Ramin Baghai, Rui Silva, and Loufu Ye

The University of Texas at Austin - Austin, TX - May 13-14, 2016. 

    Tania Babina

    Eleanor Dillon and Christopher Stanton

    "Elizabeth Berger

    Barney Hartman Glaser, Hanno Lustig, and Mindy Zhang

    Marieke Bos, Emily Breza, and Andres Liberman

    Andres Donangelo, Francois Gourio, and Miguel Palacios

Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN - September 25-26, 2015

    Inessa Liskovich

    "The Human Factor in Acquisitions: Cross-Industry Labor Mobility and Corporate Diversification" 
    Geoffrey Tate and Liu Yang

    Jason Donaldson, Georgia Piacentino, and Anjan Thakor

    Holger Mueller, Paige Ouimet, and Elena Simintzi

    Lawrence Schmidt