Welcome to the site of the Labor and Finance Group, a working group dedicated to generating and promulgating research at the intersection of Labor Economics and Finance. Founded in the Summer of 2015, the group has expanded rapidly to over 60 members from 40 institutions around the world. Membership is by invitation.

The group hosts a working paper series, which can be browsed here.

The group's past conferences took place at Vanderbilt University, The University of Texas at Austin, and University of Colorado Boulder. Subsequent conferences will take place each spring and fall at rotating locations. 

Our next conference will take place on December 8-9 at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. The call for papers is here

Our most recent conference took place at University of Colorado Boulder on December 3rd, 2016. The conference featured five full paper presentations and four "early ideas". The program included the following:

Full-length presentations: 

    "Friends with (Wage) Benefits: Random Assignment of MBA Peers and Reallocation to the Financial Industry"
    Isaac Hacamo and Kristoph Kleiner

    "Labor-induced Technological Change: Evidence from Doing Business in China"
    Jan Bena and Elena Simintzi

    Estelle Dauchy and Nathan Seegert

    Ilona Babenko, Fangfang Du, and Yuri Tserlukevich

    Jonathan Brogaard, Joseph Engelberg, and Edward Van Wesep

Early idea Presentations:

    "The Effects of Unstable Work Schedules on Firm Output and Employee Turnover"    
    Cami Kuhnen, Hyun Seok Lee, and Saravanan Kesavan

    "Idiosyncratic Labor Income in a Production General Equilibrium Model"
    Miguel Palacios and Lawrence Schmidt

    "The Market's Reaction to Changes at the Employee Level: Evidence from the Boston Celtics"
    Kelly Carter

    "Bankruptcy, Team-specific Human Capital, and Innovation: Evidence from U.S. Inventors"
    Ramin Baghai, Rui Silva, and Loufu Ye