Welcome to the site of the Labor and Finance Group, a working group dedicated to generating and promulgating research at the intersection of Labor Economics and Finance. Founded in the Summer of 2015, the group has expanded rapidly to over 60 members from 40 institutions around the world. Membership is by invitation.

The group hosts a working paper series, which can be browsed here.

The group's past conferences took place at Vanderbilt University, The University of Texas at Austin, and University of Colorado Boulder. Subsequent conferences will take place each spring and fall at rotating locations. 

Our next conference will take place on December 8-9 at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona. The call for papers is here. The program is here and the sessions are listed below.

Session 1:               Unemployment Insurance, Strategic Unemployment, and Firm-Worker Collusion

Bernardus Van Doornik (Banco Central do Brasil), David Schoenherr (Princeton University) and Janis Skrastins (Washington University in St. Louis)

                                Analyzing the Aftermath of a Compensation Change

Jason Sandvik (University of Utah), Richard Saouma (UCLA), Nathan Seegert (University of Utah), Chris Stanton (Harvard Business School)


Session 2:              Shorter Papers Session

                              The Equilibrium Value of Employee Ethics

Brendan Daley (University of Colorado) and Simon Gervais (Duke University)

What Would You Do with $500? Spending Responses to Gains, Losses, News and Loans

Andreas Fuster (Federal Reserve), Greg Kaplan (University of Chicago), and Basit Zafar (ASU)

Access to Public Capital Markets and Employment Growth

Alexander Borisov (University of Cincinnati), Andrew Ellul (Indiana University), and Merih Sevilir (Indiana University)

The Economic Value of Employees: Evidence from Worker Deaths

Ramin Baghai (Stockholm School of Economics) and Rui Silva (London Business School)

Session 3:              The Effect of Superstar Firms on College Major Choice

                               Darwin Choi (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Dong Lou (London School of Economics) and Abhiroop Mukherjee (HKUST)

Mergers and Acquisitions, Technological Change and Inequality

Wenting Ma (University of North Carolina), Paige Ouimet (University of North Carolina) and Elena Simintzi (University of British Columbia)


Session 4:               Shorter Papers Session

                               The Effect of Right-to-Work Laws on Workers and Firms

Sudheer Chava (Georgia Institute of Technology), Andras Danis (Georgia Institute of Technology), and Alex Hsu (Georgia Institute of Technology)

(Mis)matching Superstar Engineers to Finance Jobs

Nandini Gupta (Indiana University) and Isaac Hacamo (Indiana University)

Measuring the Correlation between Human and Financial Capital Returns: A Portfolio Choice Approach

Sara B. Holland (University of Georgia)

Do Labor Markets Discipline? Evidence From RMBS Bankers

John M. Griffin (University of Texas at Austin), Samuel Kruger (University of Texas at Austin), Gonzalo Maturana (Emory)