LABIA, formerly known as Stree Sangam, is a Bombay-based autonomous, voluntary collective of lesbian and bisexual women and transpersons, with a focus on queer and feminist activism.
Since our inception in 1995, our foremost concern has been to break the isolation and invisibility around queer lives in multiple ways. To that end, we organise discussions and events in the city for queer and queer friendly people, consistently interact with students in city colleges on issues of gender and sexuality, run a film club, publish a queer zine and run a phone line for LBT persons.

We situate ourselves within the autonomous women’s movements and the queer rights movements and network with like-minded groups nationally and internationally. We are part of legal and other actions and campaigns for the rights of queer people;  work with various feminist, human rights and people’s groups against social injustice, violence, state repression, and  fundamentalism; and ally with the struggles of other marginalised groups.

We believe that our freedoms are not singular, and neither are our identities. We are queer, we are people of different sexualities and genders; we are also people being thrown out of our jobs because of corporate takeovers; we are people from different castes, regions and communities; we are people with disabilities; we are people losing our lands to development schemes or SEZ plans; we are people spending endless time filling water for our families; we are still being forced to marry against our wills; we are citizens of this country, struggling to survive and fighting for our rights. We remind ourselves of this again and again when we sit down and make our action plans and strategies. We aim to raise our voices for freedom and justice with all those who are doing the same.

Contact: labia.collective@gmail.com


***This website is under construction and more material will slowly, but surely, be added over the next few months***