1_ Laboratory of Forest Inventory, IGN (France)

Smart monitoring of forests 
under climatic and bio-economic transitions

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The laboratory has been created in 2013 to foster IGN capacities of development and analysis of forest information 
at regional, national and international scales, and favor collaboration 
with already existing research units dedicated to forests on Nancy-Lorraine campus.  

Research priorities include :

(i) the development of new knowledge on forests, associated to the development of indicators and models for the monitoring of CC impacts onto forests, the assessment of current and future growing stock, biomass and carbon, and of large-scale forest dynamics in a context of forest transition, 

(ii) the increase of NFI resolution (downscaling) by associating field data to ancillary information (maps, remote sensing data, DTM) from classical (photogrammetry) or emerging (T-Lidar) technologies, 

(iii) the development and optimization of the French NFI program, including aspects related to design, statistical estimators and inventory protocols.

Laboratory of Forest Inventory (LIF) is a laboratory of IGN (French Institute for Geographic and Forest Information)
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