CAUAC handmade records

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CAUAC handmade record is a new project based on handmade music and artwork.

A kind of tribute for painters and beauty of movement, but also the more organic and melodic ambient music.
The goal: Make unique records, done by humans with emotions to communicate with other people.

The meaning of this word is "storm" in mayan language, this term can be an inspiration for artists involved in this project. 

Each record is unique as we use the dubplate method, only 15 physical copies will be edited.
A painter or drawer will design the 15 jackets.

We prepare paintings now, the first issue will soon be ready to go in studio for dubplate cutting.

3 painters are ready to make a kind of big puzzle, photos of this project will soon be available.

in Berlin: Azia Atrys
in Paris: GÔM
in Bruxelles: Dawamesk

I receive the sleeves, 3 packs of 15 are done to be sent
The package leaves to Berlin, Paris and Bruxelle will be deliverd personally....

29/02 commande de la seconde série de pochettes

Gôm a avancé la série pour le CAuAC 03

Vidéo YouTube


Vidéo YouTube

envoi des précommandes le 11/03 pour le 01 

envoi le 18 pour les précommandes du 3eme

Gorellaume finished his painting

Vidéo YouTube

Vidéo YouTube