I am looking forward to a GREAT year learning and teaching in the Virtual Learning Academy, I hope you are too!!

All my VLA math classes will use the following platforms:

    Zoom - for our class sessions (schedule will be posted) that will include lessons, assessments and collaborative group work.

    Remind - for communication.  I will respond between 8AM and 7pm promptly.  Outside of that time, you may leave a message, but I may not respond until the following day.

    Google Classroom - Daily and Weekly schedule of work with all handouts/assignments/Ms. Laabs' Lesson videos posted.  You will also post any written assignments or projects through GC.

    APEX - for additional lessons, practice and assessments


This website will be where I will post resources for specific courses.  Click on the pull down tabs above.

More information will be posted soon.  I am excited to meet with you and begin this wonderful adventure in online learning!