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End the Rollercoaster!  The City of Los Angeles has put every collective of patients on a rollercoaster since its first drafts of an ordinance, on through the ICO, the hardships, the failed June 2010 ordinance and now the 100 collective lottery as mandated by the latest version of the ordinance....this unfairness has got to stop.  If you agree that every collective should have the right to exist and that all collectives should file a facial challenge to this new ordinance, then welcome, even if you don't agree yet check out one of these videos, one for LOTTERY QUALIFIED COLLECTIVES and one for COLLECTIVES ORDERED TO CEASE AND DESIST.  We all have one thing in common:  the Los Angeles ordinance isn't good for any of us, and we can all join on a facial challenge, putting the law as written to the test.  BUT THERE IS A DEADLINE TO BRING A FACIAL CHALLENGE:  APRIL 28, 2011.  AND THAT MEANS WE NEED TO PREPARE YOUR CASE AND THAT MEANS WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU ASAP, HOPEFULLY BY APRIL 21, 2011!!!

                                                           WHICH VIDEO PRESENTATION IS RIGHT FOR YOU?  (You could watch both if you like...they are very similar but each focuses on that target group's concerns.)

IF YOUR COLLECTIVE HAS PRE-REGISTERED FOR THE LOTTERY....Since over 200 collectives are on the initial lottery registration list, you have less than a 50% chance of surviving the lottery even if you are otherwise perfectly legal and have jumped through every single hoop the City has erected in the past four years.  Thus, you need to challenge the ordinance as it is no good for anyone.IF YOUR COLLECTIVE HAS BEEN ORDERED TO CEASE OPERATIONS.... you should govern yourself accordingly and immediately retain counsel to confront the City of Los Angeles on a fair playing field:  a Court of Law. 


Stewart Richlin, Esq. has been a lawyer for 25 years specializing in medical marijuana law for the past 5 years, representing 250 collectives.   Mr.  Richlin was central to the recent victory of plaintiff lawyers against the June 2010 ordinance.  He plans to bring his well know zeal to the battle against the current ordinance. 

Graham Berry, Esq. has been a lawyer for over 30 years, in California for 25, and is a celebrated civil rights attorney in his own right. Berry was also a winning plaintiff's lawyer in the last injunction matter against the City of Los Angeles

This is your legal team, if you would like it to be.  We urge you to hire us to vindicate your rights with respect to the new Los Angeles Ordinance.  Check out the video, with introductions by Bruce Margolin, Esq. and Allison Margolin, Esq., some discussion about legal strategies for the upcoming APRIL DEADLINE for a facial challenge to the ordinance.

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