"L8 APEX" will contain information about autocrossing, hill climbing, and other fun automotive activities.

      An autocross is also known as a Solo II event within the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). It is basically a timed driving event where a competitor drives their car through a course defined by a set of cones. The course is usually set up on a location such as an empty parking lot or at an open air field. Each car is categorized into a class in which the driver will compete against other like vehicles for the best time. A time penalty is assessed for each pointed cone the participant knocks out of its location (2 seconds/cone).

    Hill Climb
      A hill climb is an event where a single car at a time runs a route up a hill in an attempt to get the fastest time for their class. Although there is no wheel to wheel competition, these add to the thrill in that a mistake can be both dangerous and costly. Additionally, these typically are run on roads where higher speeds can be attained.


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