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Edited by Pascale Leclercq, Amanda Edmonds and Heather Hilton

Multilingual Matters.

This volume brings together concrete ideas on identifying and measuring second language (L2) proficiency from different branches of SLA. The chapters introduce a range of tools for the evaluation of learners’ language level with respect to both productive and receptive skills and provide a variety of answers to the question of how to assess L2 proficiency in a valid, reliable and practical manner.

Editor Information
Pascale Leclercq is a Lecturer in the English Studies Department of Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3, France, where
she teaches EFL, SLA and L2 pedagogy to undergraduate and postgraduate students, and trains future language teachers.

Amanda Edmonds is a Lecturer in French as a Foreign Language at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour, France.
She is currently director of the Master’s program in French as a Foreign Language, and her teaching includes courses on
FFL, second language acquisition, and language pedagogy.

Heather Hilton is a Professor in the Language Department at the Université de Lyon 2, France. She has extensive experience
of language teaching and now researches language acquisition and foreign language teaching methodology with a particular
focus on young learners and learners with learning differences.



1. Pascale Leclercq and Amanda Edmonds: How to Assess L2 Proficiency? An Overview of
Proficiency Assessment Research

Part I: General Considerations for L2 Assessment
2. Heather Hilton: Oral Fluency and Spoken Proficiency: Considerations for Research and

3. John Osborne: Multiple Assessments of Oral Proficiency: Evidence from a Collaborative

4. Marcus Callies, Maria Belén Díez-Bedmar and Ekaterina Zaytseva: Using Learner Corpora
for Testing and Assessing L2 Proficiency.

Part II Language Processing and L2 Proficiency
5. Peter Prince: Listening Comprehension: Processing Demands and Assessment Issues
6. Carrie A. Ankerstein: A Psycholinguistic Measurement of Second Language Proficiency:
The Coefficient of Variance

7.  Dominique  Bairstow,  Jean-Marc  Lavaur,  Jannika  Laxen  and  Xavier  Aparicio:  Evaluating  the  Workings  of  Bilingual
Memory with a Translation Recognition Task

Part III Focused Assessment Instruments
8. Nicole Tracy-Ventura, Kevin McManus, Lourdes Ortega and John Norris: “Repeat as much as you can”: Elicited Imitation
as a Measure of Oral Proficiency in L2 French

9. Kevin McManus, Nicole Tracy-Ventura, Rosamond Mitchell, Laurence Richard and Patricia Romero de Mills: Exploring
the Acquisition of the French Subjunctive: Local Syntactic Context or Oral Proficiency?

10.  Naouel  Zoghlami:  Testing  L2  Listening  Proficiency:  Reviewing  Standardized  tests  within  a  Competence-Based

11. Libby M. Gertken, Mark Amengual and David Birdsong: Assessing Language Dominance with the Bilingual Language



Some of the papers presented at the Workshop are available here.

Certaines des communications présentées lors de l'Atelier sont consultables ici.


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Welcome to the website of the first L2 proficiency assessment workshop to be held at the university of Montpellier III from Friday February 24th to Saturday February 25th 2012. This workshop is organised by the research center EMMA (Etudes Montpellieraines du Monde Anglophone). We are pleased to announce that the workshop will take place at the recently inaugurated Saint-Charles research center located at the heart of Montpellier's historical center.

Plenary speakers include Prof. Inge Bartning from the University of Stockholm and Prof. Heather Hilton from the university of Paris 8.

Important dates:

-    abstract submission deadline: October 30th 2011
-    notification of acceptance: November 30th 2011

Bienvenue sur le site du premier atelier sur l’évaluation du niveau des apprenants d’une L2 organisé par le centre de recherche EMMA (Etude Montpellieraines du Monde Anglophone) à l'université Montpellier 3. Cet atelier se tiendra les 24 et 25 février 2012 et se déroulera dans les locaux nouvellement rénovés du centre Saint-Charles au coeur du centre historique de Montpellier.
Intervenants invités: Prof. Inge Bartning de l'université de Stockholm et Prof. Heather Hilton de l'université Paris 8.
Dates importantes:
-    date limite de réception des propositions: 30 octobre 2011
-    notification d'acceptation: 30 novembre 2011