Table of Contents


·        Letter to the Secretary from Lawrence C. Drake, Jr., February 2006


·        Draft Charter for the Labor-Management Committee on Workplace Bullying


·        Bibliography on Bullying and Harassment


·        Quebec Labour Standard on Psychological Harassment of June 2004, and the Interpretations of the Standard


·        Psychological Abuse at Home and Work, by Dr. Randi Wood, Director, Colorado State Employee Assistance Program, Dec. 2004


·        Results of the Survey on Supervisory Behavior at DOL by the Government Study Group, 2004


·        Focus On … Workplace Bullying, BNA Individual Employee Rights Newsletter, Feb. 2000


·        Reports of Two Surveys by MERCER Human Resource Consulting, June 2005 and October 2002


·        Big Bad Boss Tales, by Amy Joyce, Washington Post, May 29, 2005


·        Workplace Bullying: Curing the Cancer of the American Workplace, by Peter M. Glendinning, Public Personnel Management, Fall 2001


·        The nature and causes of bullying at work, by Stale Einarsen, International Journal of Manpower, Vol. 20, 1999


·        A Look at Abusive Supervision at USDOL, by Edward Stern for AFGE Local 12