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  •  FBI Paper on Workplace Violence.  This paper recognizes that psychological violence in the form of harassment, bullying, and emotional abuse is part of workplace violence.
  • A New Look at Harassment by Edward Stern for the Summer 2003 issue of 12NOW.  This article points out the differences between Workplace Bullying and harassment based on personal characteristics.
  • Union Acts Against Workplace Bullying at DOL by Edward Stern for the Summer 2006 issue of 12NOW.  This article tells the story of the development of the AFGE Local 12 Proposal to the Secretary of Labor. It begins on page 7 of the linked PDF file.
  • "Halt the Violence" -- a reader on workplace physical and psychological violence from the Alliance Against Workplace Violence, AAWPV.COM.
  •  Workplace Bullying and Psychological Aggression --slides from webinar of July 28, 2011 are an attachment at the bottom of

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