KZVS Ltd  SC314640 and  SC453079

This website alerts the public of the facts concerning the setting up, dissolving and setting up again of KZVS Ltd

 KZVS SC314640

  • Was initially set up on 15/01/2007 by director Mr A D Jones.
  • The registered address was 16 Corsie Avenue Perth PH2 7BS, the residential address of Mr Jones. 
  • The company actively traded as a consultancy business.
  • The company was dissolved on 23/08/2009 
  • Mr Jones remains the owner of domain and the registered user of the Gmail account kzvsltd 

 KZVS SC453079

  • This was set up 26/06/2013 by director Mr Philip Martins (dob 1984).
  • The registered and trading addresses were set up as 16, Corsie Avenue, Perth PH2 7BS.  This is the same address as the former registered address and is the current private address of Mr Jones.
  • Mr Jones consulted with Companies House and they  consulted with the Formations Company used for the the second registration of KZVS Ltd.  Neither party reported that a clerical error had caused an incorrect address to be used as the registered address
  • Mr Philip Martins did not consult with the owners of 16 Corsie Avenue prior to registering KZVS Ltd at their address. 

Mr A Jones and the the co-owners of the property at 16 Corsie Avenue Perth PH2 7BS wish to disassociate themselves totally from the activities of KZVS Ltd Company Number SC453079 and that of Mr Philips Martins the sole director.


Mr Philip Martins

  • Mr Philip Martins address held at Companies House is 101 BOUNDARY ROAD, WOOBURN GREEN, HIGH WYCOMBE, BUCKS, HP10 0DJ 
  • Mr Philip Martins as of July 10, 2013 is also a director of JA and RH Farming Company Number 08566691


JA and RH Farming

  • This company was recently set up on 12/06/2013 with registered address at Mr Martins' known address at HP10 0DJ under Company Number 08566691
  • This is the second time this Company Name has been used.
  • It was formally used by JA and RH Farming Company Number 07208671. This company was first set up on 30/03/2010 and dissolved on 23/08/2011. Its registered address was in Somerset.

The information may be verified using the Sources link and from other web based sources. The sequence of events is set out in the Background link.  

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This page was last updated on 20 July 2013