Dimensions for all the sizes we have to offer http://kzkitchen.yolasite.com

In every color, we have sizes:


 ·        26”X96”, 26”X97-1/2”L, 26”X97-1/2”R 

These are our standard sizes that come with the front bull-nosed and optional left or right hand bull-nosed too.

·        36”X97-1/2”

This is our standard Peninsula slab. It’s wide enough for a foot long over hang. It comes with 3 sides bull-nosed (2long, 1short).

·        4”X96” 

This is our standard backsplash with half bull-nose on 3 sides.

·        12”X12” Tile

This tile can be used for counters/floors/walls/fireplaces, use your imagination!


In most colors, we have sizes:


·        26”X114”, 26”X115-1/2”L, 26”X115-1/2”R

If your counter is longer than usual, then you might want a foot and a half longer slab.

·        28”X97-1/2”

This is our peninsula piece that is also 3 sided, but it will fit perfectly over standard cabinets instead of having an over hang. Good for kitchens with less room.

·        51”X97-1/2”

This is our largest peninsula piece. This perfectly fits over  back-to-back kitchen cabinets. We used to have a 48" island but we recently changed the size to accommodate the back-to-back cabinets.


See our prices/sizes for ready-to-install vanity tops in select colors.