New Cabinets

The same great quality you have come to expect from us!

 Our New Cabinets are a beautiful addition to our Cabinet Collection. These new styles and colors reflect a modern clean look that makes your home pop!

Top Image From Left to Right: 

             Canadian Maple Checker Style*             Honey Maple Checker Style**                 Maple Glazed*** 

* ~Canadian Maple Checker Style~ Same color as our original Canadian Maple Raised Cabinets, except in a more contemporary style.


** ~Honey Maple Checker Style~ Very Similar in color to our Beechwood Cabinets. These have a warm tone that brightens up any room. Duck tailed and easy close drawers are already included.

*** ~Maple Glazed~ Our same price replacement for our old Oak Cabinets. These are stained coffee brown with darkened grooves for a rustic look.







~Honey Maple Glazed Cabinets~ When you can't choose between Honey Maple and Maple Glazed, we bring you our newest style! This brings you that same rustic look but with a lighter/warmer tone!










These are made with easy close gliders for drawers. These drawers are also duck tailed for better durability!










Our Decorative Light Cherry Cabinets are very different than our other Cabinets. The outside has a unique rope detail that is not featured in our other models. Decorative Pillars are available. Unlike our other cabinets, the inside color is a light unstained wood, (except in the cabinets that feature glass doors.)