Guaranteed Quality Installations!

 Our installers have been with us for years! We don't use outside contractors like many of our high end competitors. Because we don't contract out, we can get your job done quickly, inexpensively and guarantee superior work.

This is a proud customer's after shots, with our new Carter Gold granite. This kitchen was installed by our top company installer! He always leaves our customers in awe, and that's why he is the only installer we ask to work here in Stockton.

 Once our customers put down there deposit, we send someone out to measure your kitchen to make sure your estimate is correct. We then call our installer and check when they can come out to install. The average wait time is 10 days. And then it takes 1-3 days to install. 

If you talk to some of our large competitors, you may get them to admit that their wait time is 2-7 weeks away! We know how important it is to get your project done, and we will always strive to get it finished as soon as you desire. We've been known to make miracles happen!