Granite Colors

We have over 40 granite colors to choose from...

Amarelo Venez*

Empress Gold*

Tropical Brown

 Castor Brown

Tan Brown

Salmon Red

Giallo Fiorito

Blue Eyes

 Butterfly Yellow

 Silk Blue

Black Galaxy

Green Pearl

Blue Pearl

All colors look better in real life, so please visit our showroom to see all colors in natural or artificial light. The lighting you will be using in your home or business will effect the look of your granite dramatically.
Variations are to be expected in all natural materials.

Austin Gold*

 Crystal White*

Butterfly Verde

Tiger Skin Golden

Purple Crystal

Baltic Brown Pearl


Café Imperial

Baltic Brown

Mongolian Black Galaxy

Baltic Red

Verde Jade
Giallo Venez

Peach Blossom

Names marked in RED are in limited stock 

and will not be expected to be available in the future.

Names marked in PINK are available in pre-made vanity tops 

Madura Gold*

Carter Gold*

Juperana Colombo*

Kashmir Gold*

Giallo Santa Cecilia

Giallo California

Giallo Venez NEW 


Raw Silk

Giallo Veneiiano

Santa Cecilia

Giallo Venez Small

Tiger Skin

Juperana Rojo