Helping You


  • Don't pick up cabinets on rainy days. Bad weather isn't good for the wood. Delays may occur due to weather conditions.
  • When granite gets wet it appears darker, so don't color check granite on rainy days. 



  • Bring in samples of your wall color, flooring, etc. to help you pick the right color cabinets and granite.
  • Check behind our 8ft Granite Samples along the walls, you may find a good sample that you can take home! Or you can put down a deposit on a tile.
  • Don't rely on our online photos! Make a visit to our showroom at least once before making a purchase. It's a good idea to bring someone who's opinion you value.
  • Don't expect to be able to find a granite that you bought 20 years ago. Granite comes and goes. When all of a color is mined out, it is gone forever. Just 5 years can show variations in common colors.


Reading material:

  • All over the showroom are catalogs of information
  •  On the A-Stands there are kitchen examples with prices.
  • All of our showroom Kitchens and Vanities are price labeled on the walls.


  • We strongly discourage installation of pre-fabricated granite tops by those who have no prior cutting and polishing experience with granite. If you are serious about doing it yourself buy some broken pieces and practice first.
  • Common mistakes can occur even if we cut, polish, & bull nose for you prior to your own installation. We rely fully on your dimensions -- so measure twice!

    • Homes are never perfect. Walls, floors, ceilings can be uneven. If you use our installers, we are there to measure and perfectly fit your new kitchen together. 
    • Granite breaks while moving or cutting. We know how an investment like this can’t be paid for twice just because of basic mistakes. That is no fun. We break our granite or cabinets… we go get you a new piece, simple as that. No charge for our mistakes! 
  • Many of our installers have been with us for over ten years. And we get in and get out in 1-4 days. We install in all of San Joaquin County. We do not deliver otherwise.


  • Whomever is installing ideally should be picking up the granite from our stone yard. 
  • In order to pickup granite you must bring two A-Frames, plenty of rope/straps, and a truck with a 6ft+ bed. If no A-Frames are available for you to use, then you can lean the slabs on the sides of your truck bed if it has the proper grooves on the bottom. You will still need straps/ropes. If you don't have the right tools available for pick-ups then you will be turned away and offered a refund for non special order items.
  • Never lay slabs flat because they will break if not properly supported.

When you walk into our store, get ready for a new experience with sales. We are here to give you the best shopping experience possible. We can spend time with you answering your questions or even giving you advice on choices. Feel free to come in and just browse our selections.

We can give you a free estimate based on your dimensions, for granite counters and kitchen cabinets- using a design software to help you envision your business or home.


Granites that have more veins and flow, work perfect for vanities, galleys, and folding tables!--Anything that doesn't have corner seams.

  • Giallo California
  • Tiger Skin
  • Raw Silk
  • Juperana Rojo
  • Paradiso
  • Giallo Veneiiano 
  • Giallo Santa Cecilia
  • Juperano Colombo
  • Carter Gold


Our most popular granites for the Winter of 2008-2009!

  1. Tan Brown 
  2. Peach Blossom
  3. Tiger Skin Golden
  4. Tropical Brown 
  5. Giallo California
  6. Ubatuba 
  7. Giallo Venez
  8. Black Galaxy
  9. Carter Gold 
  10. Baltic Brown