Granite & Cabinet Manufacturers and Installers of California

We invite you to explore the possibilities of improving the look of your business or home. We are a professional Stone Manufacturer, and have been in business for over ELEVEN years!

We have the best prices in Stockton for pre-fabricated granite slabs, in over 30 colors!

Use granite for your counters, fireplaces, desks, tables, walls, floors… use your imagination!

We design, manufacture, supply and install! No Middle Man! We even do custom work! 

      We also have Modular Cabinets for Kitchen, Bath, Break rooms and more.

Even though we specialize in granite and cabinets, we have other items you might need like sinks, flooring, bathroom panels, faucets, tiles, hoods and supplies and tools. 

      Never thought about granite because of the high prices? Did you know you can get one of our eight feet granite slabs for just $77!  We will continue to strive to meet the needs of our customers.

      We do free estimates; just call, email, or fax us. Guides available in store with extra tips and information, don't leave without one! Come into our showroom TODAY!

Based in Guangdong, China, KZ Kitchen Cabinet & Stone, Inc. has been providing quality cabinetry, flooring, granite counter-tops and bath accessories since 1998! In order to offer the best selection of materials and quality products at a wide range of price, we have two manufacturing plants and have grown to offer among production, sale, installation, and technical support services. 

Being sincere and honest, we are providing our promise to builders and consumers by giving valuable insights to have better kitchen designs that home buyers truly desire. As the systematic industry leader and information resource, we will continue our commitment to satisfy builders and consumers by studying how people shop and use.