The Z1 and Z1A handlebar switchgear restore process entails complete disassembly and chemical stripping of all painted surfaces. We do not bead blast the metal case housings as that compromises the crisp details of original castings in an irreversible manner. A fresh black basecoat is then applied and highlighting of all embedded lettering completes the outer cosmetic appearance. The interiors of cases are cleaned and detailed, any compromised hardware is replaced if spare parts are available - but we always attempt to use your original pieces that are hidden inside when mounted. We do not do any thread repair and recommend that if the customer does any disassembly - that heat is used on the delicate thread bosses to remove the tiny fasteners. Electrical components are inspected for quality, all contact surfaces are cleaned and reassembled with dialectic grease to insure function reliability once reinstalled on your machine.

New old stock button / spring assemblies, light levers, kill switches and reproduction throttle locks on applicable models are used in the restore process. The electrical loom connecting the switch to the main harness is stripped of it's plastic sheath, wiring is exposed to inspect for flaws and repairs are made as needed. A fresh plastic sheath is then applied to complete the overall appearance. In regards to the tiny metal electrical pins in plastic housings that plug into the main harness - we prefer to only use your original parts as found. Although there are aftermarket pin connectors available, it usually requires complete replacement of that entire aspect and is NOT included in the basic restore price. We will however replace a broken or flawed plastic connector body at no extra cost provided you send the part with your switch.

If severe moisture or crash damage has occurred to case housings, it is possible to repair some of these flaws at an extra hourly cost - but physical cracks, bends or deformities are not always repairable. It is recommended that you supply good photographic documentation in advance for estimates. For those of you that need correct date stamped cases, we can occasionally help with our selection of spares; but ideally, we want to use your original parts. The cost for basic restoration of your switches is $300 for start sides and $250 for turn signal sides. These prices are based on the scarcity and expense of new spare OEM parts. Customers are welcomed to supply their own replacement pieces to allow for partial discounts.