Wireless Networking (802.11 A/B/G and N Supported)

WLAN Site Survey:
  • We offer an extensive WLAN Site Survey package to evaluate your facility to determine the number and locations of wireless access points as well as the number and types of the required antennas it will take to provide the desired radio coverage.
  • We will also make installation recommendations to help ensure that the equipment is properly configured before deployment.
  • The site survey does more than just locate installation locations, it is essential in determining the types of antennas required to provide the best coverage for a given area.
  • The site survey will also uncover any potential points of interference that may negatively effect performance of your wireless network including rogue access points and other devices that generate noise in the 2.4 and 5Ghz spectrums.
  • You will be provided a professional WLAN Site Survey Report that includes access point locations, antenna types and mounting locations, RF coverage maps, detailed installation and mounting instructions as well as suggested configuration options to ensure that multiple access points will work in harmony. 
  • We take security and your budget into consideration during the survey to ensure a properly designed system that give you the most for your money.
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WLAN Installations:

  • Our installations can include everything from installing the access points and antennas up to and including device configuration, security configuration, network cabling as well as switch and router installations that may be required for your network. 
  • Our professional installation technicians work quickly and efficiently to get you up and running with minimal interruptions to your business. 
  • After the installation is complete, we ensure and verify that all devices are working properly and that you have the coverage that is desired in your facility. 
  • We also provide a Post Installation Report complete with device configuration information that you keep for your records.
WLAN Troubleshooting:
  • Does your wireless network just not perform as it once did or as you expect it to? 
  • Do you have "dead" spots or loose connectivity at random?
  • Our professional WLAN technicians can evaluate your wireless network and pinpoint those problems, make recommendations for corrective action and help facilitate those corrections for you.

We support Cisco, Motorola (Symbol), Aruba and consumer products such as DLink, Netgear, Linksys and Belkin.

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