LaVista Park free Shade Tree & Shade Plant Exchange

The purpose of this free service is to help keep LaVista Park as tree-rich as possible

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Because we're losing almost 1 tree per day...


Take a sapling/plant for your yard; Donate a sapling/plant

Lawn vs Shade



If you see trees being cut down, contact Steven Strickland, DeKalb Arborist, to make sure they have permits to be cut


Shade gardening resources

The Shade Garden by Ken Druse

Fine Gardening Magazine

Southern Living Magazine

University of Georgia Extension Service

General search on "shade gardening in Georgia"



 Currently available shade trees and shade tolerant plants

site last updated 2/15/2017



Sassafras Tree


 Pecan Cooking Wood

Pecan Trees

Pin Oak

Black or White Oaks

Given away to good yard homes: 5



Given away to good yard homes:  3




Given away to good yard homes:  1

Tulip Poplar

Tulip Trees

Given away to good yard homes:  1

Beech Tree

Beech Trees

Willow Oak

Willow Oaks

Given away to good yard homes:  2



White Ash

White Ashes


Water Oaks

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Any tree* on the Arbor Day Foundation web site+

*Must be zone 8 hardy, when grown full-sized shade tree; no decorative, ornamental, or fruit trees supplied

+All trees are supplied to you free of charge


Thou shalt leave a living legacy
Thou shalt plant a tall and shady tree
Ere the tree can harm thy home
Thou shalt long be in the loam

 American Thick-Leafed Holly

American Thick-Leafed Hollies

 Smooth-Leafed Holly

Mountain Hollies








non-native,berries may be harmful to some birds


We are currently seeking donations of:

  • maples
  • ferns of all sorts
  • cast iron plants
  • woodland hydrangeas of all sorts
  • nandinas
  • mahonias
  • hostas of all sorts
  • azaleas of all sorts - especially native azaleas
  • camellias and sasanquas
  • Rose Creek abelias
  • any other woodland or shade tolerant plants

    * please note that we do not accept any financial donations; only woodland plants, shade trees, and rarely labor.


We are also seeking donation of
  • the expertise and time of a landscape architect to provide free 1/2-hour consultations to our residents willing to migrate their yards to shade yards

Thank you for helping us replant our forest.