Autumn 2011:

We are currently preparing our new releases and finnishing the new Nocternity Album. Due to host problems this is a temporarly form of the site.

APRIL  2011:

Mortiis " The Song of A Long Forgotten Ghost"  LP/CD/A5 OUT NOW:

After leaving Emperor Mortiis first unique attempt to create his own musical landscapes and world for the first time officially available.

Vinyl Edition : Silver, Gold, Black limited to 150 numbered copies with poster 18 euros + postage

Cd edition : 1000 copies  13 euros + postage

Leatherbook CD edition: 50 copies in Silver, 50 copies in Gold  including poster- 22 euros + postage




You can  visit My Records here and download all our releases

Leatherbook A5 printing for labels:

Since many labels ask how to make exclusive A5 leatherbooks like all Kyrck edition from now on we will be taking orders for custom leatherbooks, minimum 100 pieces,

For prices and info contact us.



 KLP 010 – LIMBONIC ART “1996”


The second part of the LA release featuring 3 tracks from the rehearsal 1996 demo plus as bonus on B side for the first time the 1996 Nocturnal Art promo which contains 3 of the most demonic tunes ever made by the hellish duo, most exclusive stuff ever! LP comes in high quality package in black vinyl, 8 page booklet and in  black vinyl, gold/black  and darkgreen/splatter gold LP limited to 150 units.

Price 18 euros



Sample 1    Sample 2    Sample 3

KCD 013 – KLP 011- FESTER “The commitments that shattered 1991-1992”

One of Norway’s most ancient bands, Fester with 2 legendary demos in 1991-1992  for the first time available. Black/Death in the vein of Darkthrone’s Soulside Journey with very unique sound that signed them with No Fashion records in 1992. Comes with lots of liner notes from the band about stories of that time/fotos and as cd bonus 3 tracks from the first death metal gig in Norway in 1991. Cd comes with 12 page booklet and the first 100 copies ordered from us come with poster limited to 1000 copies. LP comes in high quality package in black vinyl, black and white coloured and transparent splatter black LP limited to 150 units. Distributors contact for wholesale both Cd/LP.

Price : Cd 12 euros, LP 18 euros




Sample 1  Sample 2

KCD 014 – Inflabitan “Wanderer of Grief” 1993-1995

One of the most unknown bands from Askim/Norway brought to light by Vicotnik. Originaly meant to be released in 1996 by Misanthropy Records as split with Lamented Souls and Old Mans Child a very unique recording featuring also “Agressor” (Aura Noir/Ved Buens Ende) on drums. Inflabitan has been a one man band with 2 demos in 1993/94 and has also participated in Strid and DHG (666 International era).  Distributors contact for wholesale.

Limited to 500 Units – Price 10 euros

Sample 1   Sample 2   Sample 3



December 16th 2009

Ancient - Eerily Howling Wings CD + Ancient - Det Glemte Riket CD available:

Few copies available through Kyrck of the early works from Ancient including tracks from 1992-1994 , the original demo, rough versions and unreleased trax. Price 10  euro per cd plus  postage. Also available for limited wholesale.

Soon we will announce preorders for the upcomming Kyrck releases: Fester, Inflabitan, Limbonic Art & Keep of Kalessin.

October 12th 2009

Ulver - Vargnatt second edition

1000 copies press with differant cover and backcover, also brown leatherbook available, CD 13 euros, Leatherbook 22



June 19th 2009

Out Now : Limbonic Art , Deviser , Manes/Manes and new merchandise/patches:


Limbonic Art 1995-1996 CD

 Gathering their 2 rare promo tapes from 95-96 that were circulated in very low amounts and brought them the contract for “Moon in the scorpio” , Limbonic Art in their more raw and primitive unique material  with exclusive unreleased photos from that era, 80 minutes of pure feelling. 1000 copies press, distributors contact for wholesale. CD price 13 euros + postage .

Sample 1

 Limited  Leatherbook available in Black silver, also few quantity in red, white, brown, nlack/black. Price 22 euros +postage, all order from us come with a free  Limbonic Art poster.

Deviser “Unspeakable Cults” CD + 4 bonus

 One of the best black metal records ever emerged from the land of Hellas , originally released in 1996 and sold out, now rereleased with 4 bonus tracks (bathory cover + thy blackest love 1995 demo) and with different artwork, 500 copies print, price 10 euros + postage.

 Sample 1

Limbonic Art 1995 LP

 The first of the 2 lps to come (second one in autumn)  in a deluxe version with booklet and poster.

200 copies in black lp and in silver lp . Prices: Black LP 18 euros, Colour LP 18 euros, , Prices without postage, First come first served.


Manes/ Manes (Trondheim/Askim) split LP

 Trondheim Manes with their new “Solve et coagula” material and the perifa/obscuro bonus tracks on one side , Manes from Askim on the other side with “Prognosis Diaboli” , recorded in 1993 and later developed to the well known Ved Buens Ende. This version is different from the cd and has extra tracks and rerecorded parts by the original members done late 2008 making a more sick and lp exclusive only version of Vicotniks first steps to creation, comes with many exclusive and unreleased fotos of that era and  this version will not be printed on cd.

200 copies in black lp and in red/black lp. Prices: Black LP 18 euros, Colour LP 18 euros, , Prices without postage.

Sample 1 , Sample 2


There will be no wholesale on the lps, you can  get your copies from us at or from our local distributor


Official High Quality embroidered patches by Kyrck:

 Aptorian Demon, Manes, Thorns, DHG (dodheimsgard), Ved Buens Ende, Nocternity, Strid, Varathron, Rotting Christ “satanas”, Rotting Christ “thy mighty”, Necromantia “old logo”, Necromantia “dragon”,  In the Woods..,  Ulver, Dodheimsgard ( krone till konge era logo)

Limited to 90 copies each, price 5 euro  plus postage Also slipmats available for 15 euro each.



24 March 2009

We have officially printed two 2 sided turntable antistatic high quality slipmats from Rotting Christ/Necromantia and Ulver/Thorns (one side each) at 100 copies each. Price R/N 15 euro - U/T 15 euros + postage. Also after a high demand Manes leatherbook will also be available for wholesale as a 1 cd edition so labels that wanted this title before can contact us now. Customers from Athens can get their slipmats from Passage records as well ( Em.Mpenaki 24).

March 2009 - OUT NOW!

KCD 008: Manes Solve et Coagula

New 16 minute track in the black metal vein of the old demo tapes, Vocals done by Niklas of Shinning and M. of Xasthur. It also includes an unreleased version of the "ned..." 1994 demo remixed in lower speed by cernunnos.Total time 45 minutes. 1000 copies print, price 10 euros.

Sample 1 Sample 2

KCD 009: Ulver - Vargnatt 1993

The legendary Ulver demo from 1993 for the first time officially on cd with remastered superb sound.. 1000 copies print, all orders come with free Ulver werewolf poster. Price 13 euros


KCD 010: Order of the Ebon Hand - A mystic path to the Netherworld

Originally released in 1997 by Hypervorea records at 500 copies a very rare Greek BM album now available again with 2 bonus trax , one from the tribute to Bathory compilation and an unreleased from the second never published record. Material recorded 94-95 and 97 featuring Septic Flesh and Nocternity members. 500 copies print, price 10 euros.

Sample 1 Sample 2


Note: always ask for availability before ordering quantities limited-

KCD 007: Ved Buens Ende "Those Who Carres the Pale"

 Black or  White A5 book comes with poster price 22 euros

KCD 008: Manes Solve et Coagula 1cd edition

 price 22 euros

KCD 009: Ulver - Vargnatt 1993

White with free poster price 22 euros

KCD 005: Thorns- Stigma Diabolicum

White edition with free poster price 22 euros

-Distributors get in touch for low wholesale rate - no trades.


-January 10th 2008:

Ved Buens Ende… Those Who Caress the Pale CD KCD 007


Finaly out: Ved Buens Ende… Those Who Caress the Pale CD including the pioneer 1994 demo remastered and 5 bonus trax from Manes from Askim ( not to be confused with the other more well known Manes from Trondheim) which were the first musical attempts of Vicotnik back in 1993 under the name Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis .  CD costs 14 euros + 5 postage and paypal fees for Europe and 6 for world. Paypal address:   Distributors can contact us for some limited wholesale quantity. Shipping will start this Wednesday and it will be available for 2 weeks, then it will be handled again when we return early 2009. Also the leather book edition will be done in early 2009 as well.


Those Who Caress the Pale:

1-A Mask in the Mirror

2-The Carrier of Wounds

3-You That May Wither

4-The Plunderer

5-Those Who Caress the Pale




8-His Masters Voice.

9-Når Solen Stivner

10-In my Tomb of Silver cold

11-My Blackhearted Flower


Total time 53:27

Some words from Vicotnik regarding the selection of this material:

 These fleabitten and flawed recordings, should by no means be confused with unreleased V.B.E...material ,nor should it fall into a pre-V.B.E... namefame era category.Even though this mischief in many ways was exactly that...But as time past by, the two bands grew into separate entities and should forever remain so. Then why,one might ask,is this nonsense presented? Well, my initial excuse was that it made some kind of anthological sense. Since these past endeavours was what kept me busy in the years prior to V.B.E... kicking off.  Another reason, is to submit these trax to perpetuation.So I can rid myself of the great fear and agony of being sorry in hindsight. For all things are truly lost in the end. But by carving these songs to plastic, I definitely prolong the possession of my early tries and fond memories.        
I guess most of you have already caressed the pale, and that this "new" purchase at present is more than familiar. For you, these extra tracks have been rendered to shed some light on the craft from the past. A history of something that expired and bred life to a new being.
Despite of the more than unglamourous production and flimsy execution, I feel that the compositions deserve a small mention and humble presentation.A small piece of the puzzle,given residens where it rightfully belongs...