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KY Phone Net Preamble

Link to Ky Phonenet Checkin List

Sample Preamble for The Kentucky Phone Net.

Please note:  the following is only a sample preamble.  You can
either use this one or come up with one of your own.

As a general rule, all Net preambles should be short, concise and
to the point.

The net is divided up into categories.  When you call the net, you
first ask if there  are any announcements.  Acknowledge stations
announcements and, if you need too, ask them if they can stay for

If so, put them at the top of your list when you write down

After announcements, ask if there are any stations that have
radio equipment to sell, buy, wish for or give away.  The same
protocol applies with these stations as with the stations that have

Note:  it is optional whether or not the Net Control Station wants
to write down items that
stations list for sale, trade or give away.

After the traders portion call for mobile checkins.  You may not
hear them so, ask for relays.  Mobile stations should be given
preference for comments on the net.

After you have talked with mobiles then ask for stations on short

The   stations on short time just give their callsign with no
comments as a
general rule.

Remember, as Net Control, "you" are in charge of the net.  Never
let the stations checking into the net control you.  So, if you
want to just take a few checkins at a time or, acknowledge them
individually as you heard them that is your discretion.

After the short time stations have finished, call for stations who
would like to make comments.

Here again, acknowledge them what  ever way is easiest for you to
copy them.

After all have checked in to the Net, start the comments from the
individual stations. Periodically, ask for additional stations for
the net.  Some may want to give comments while others may want to
be short time.

 Always remember to be courteous and friendly.
Try to get their name if you don't know it or ask someone for an up
to date roster.

Remember when you are calling the net you should identify your
station as often as is practical after a few stations have given
their comments.

After all business has been completed, you may make up your own
closing for the net.

A sample Preamble is below for your consideration.  Remember, this
is just a sample preamble for you to consider when calling the net.

You are free to modify it to your own liking.

Sample Preamble

"Good evening."  "This is"  (insert your callsign) welcoming you to
the Evening edition of the Kentucky Phone net.

This net operates on 3.816 MHZ and all stations are invited to
participate in this evenings net.

Your Net Control for this session is:  (Insert your callsign)  My
name is:  Insert your name) and my location is:  (insert your Are
there any announcements for the net please call.

Are there any stations that have anything to buy, sell, trade or
give away please call.

Mobiles for the net please call (insert your callsign.)

Stations on Short time please call.

Stations for the net who wish to make comments please call.

After all business has been completed you may close the net.
As Net Control, "you are the boss."  You may handle re-checks as

If you should need further assistance in calling the net contact me
at k4lid@panix.com or you may call (606) 638-4735.

Tom Lykins

Note:  The same Preamble is used on the Morning Net.  Just change
the  word "Evening" to Morning."